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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2248147
Derek shares his memories to his daughter, Minnie
"Papa, tell me something new story," Minnie asked her father.
"Once upon a time, there was a boy named--"
"Aladdin," Minnie interrupted his father's story, " you had already told me this, Papa."
"Once upon a time, there was a charming girl like you,"
"Cinderella," Minnie pouted, "You told me this too."
"Hmmm," Derek sighed by stoking his daughter's hair.
"something new, papa, please," she asked him.
"Fine! Let me think, darling," Derek mused for a second and then started.
"There is a man, his name's..." Derek peered at her daughter and said, "D, his name's D."
"D?" Minnie raised her head and asked her father.
"Yes," He chuckled.
"He, then, as a part of his project research, gone to meet one of his professors."
"And, then?"
"And, then, in the middle of his way, he met Ms.L."
"Who is she?"
"she's a thunderstorm. She yelled at D."
"But, why, Papa?"
"Because Mr.D had accidentally smashed her car tailgate."
"Oh no!"
"That was what L said: ' Oh no! have you left your brain and eyes at home'. She didn't stop blabbering. She continued for half an hour."
"Poor D!"
"Our D had offered her money too. But she said, 'I don't want your money. I have never gone to a garage. So come with me and repair my car'. Frightened by her mouth, he agreed. "
"Oooh! But, Mr.D needs to meet his professor. "
"Hmmm. D met the professor in the evening, and his professor said, 'my boy, how are you doin'. I want to introduce my student. She's a brilliant girl and can help you in your research.' "
"Does she's smart like me, Papa."
"of course, after all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, " Derek chuckled and continued, "Professor suggested Ms.L to Ms.D."
"So, Ms.L is an intelligent girl," Minnie said with her sleepy eyes.
"After seeing Mr.D along with her professor, all of Ms.Thunderstorm's heat got evaporated."
"Why?" Minnie yawned, resting her head upon her father's chest.
"Because Ms.L needs some financial help to complete her academics. So her professor suggested her name to D. If D had not accepted her to do the research, she might lose the stipend."
"To whom you are talking? " Lala asked when she came into the room, peering at the glass on the bed table, "Minnie skipped her dinner and came here and skipped milk, too."
"What can we do? she got Mrs.D's wits," Derek grinned, stroking Minnie's hair.

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