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Is planet B a separate endeavour from plan A? Now science, philosophy and mythology matter
I'm all in for plan A too.

Plan B is presented by leading influencers as 'just exploration'; a natural growth of human curiosity. This is because it is not acceptable to state an intention to colonise another planet as a means of back up -for preservation of our species- due to Earths ultimately threatened survival. And so bifurcation of survival systems is presented as a false binary. This is well served by beliefs that humanity will wake up and do a course correction when necessary. Lets face it, sometimes the ship has already sailed. Will an awakening occur in 25 years when the youth of humanity are on a one way ship to planet B? Lets face it, we are already investing in this system of survival.

While 'Humanity' undeniably bumbles along, and only rarely dethrones disdainful leadership, systems of survival have been and continue to be shaped by a small minority wielding wedges of power. In general this means decisions about what matters the most are generaly left to the few who actually realise mythology is designed.

'Never let those things that matter the least, get in the way of those things that matter the most'.

How are we to do this without looking destiny in the face? Belief that plan A will somehow prevail is a mythology; designed by who? Our belief in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may be the modern medusa.
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