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by Kitbok
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Biblical Devotional Poem
"...And he said to the woman, "Really did God say.....?" Gen. 3:1 (TKJV)

God commanded the first man,
'From every tree, you eat freely,
But from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
Do not eat or you'll be killed'.

But who told the serpent,
About this commandment?
Surely not by God,
They were never friends,
You can't blame the man, Adam,
There's no such evidence,
While no one told, the serpent knew,
About this commandment.

The shrewd serpent has plans to know,
Everything about God's commandments,
He tried so hard our greatest foe,
Our relationship with God to end.

The crafty serpent really knows,
All about God's commandments,
To cut off the fellowship,
Communion of man with God broken.

What goes on deep in my heart,
To follow God's commandments,
The subtle Satan knew it well,
Even my innermost intent.

Dear friends, please see that Satan knows,
What goes on in the heart of men,
Please constantly take heed to follow,
And obey God's commandments.

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