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Character descriptions
Raen Davis

Humanish female. There is a whole spectrum of human hybrids she looks to be fully human but has a mixed background.

She is fiercely independent.
She practically raised herself on the streets of various worlds. She has no idea who her parents are.
Her first memory is of an asian food hawker on some backward colonial world giving her the dried chewy remnants of his days wares because she was hungry.
Her name is engraved on a bracelet she has worn for longer than she can remember.
It has no clasp and has somehow grown with her, adding links to its chain over time.


Hellhound female

Unique in her kind, she is the only female hellhound.
She is also far more intelligent than any other hellhound.
She is telepathic, that is how she communicates.
Like other hellhounds, her bites and scratches kill.
She wants out from under the dark one's thumb, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy a good kill.

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