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Sometimes hero's find love in those they save.

Alarms sound, and sirens blare as a fire truck hurtles down an empty street. Upon reaching its destination, the residences scatter from the building engulfed in flames. The Fire Chief jumps out of the firetruck first.

"How many people live here?"

An elderly woman covered in soot replies, "Most people are out, but I don't see him."

"You don't see who?"

"The young man that stays in the penthouse. The way the fire started; he wouldn't have been able to get out before it took out an entire floor."

"How would you know that?"

She replies, "I was once a firefighter myself, young man."

"Williams, Blake, Johnson, head in to see if there are other residences. McCormick and Davison draw the aerial ladder toward the penthouse on the 6th floor. It is occupied by a young man. Let's see if we can get him out."

In that very instance, glass shatters, causing everyone to cover their faces. A beautiful deep mahogany-skinned male leans out of the windows cutting the palms of his hand screaming.

"Help me!" his cries echo through the night sky as the fire roars like an angry lion all around him. It tears about his back getting closer and closer, causing him to climb out to the ledge, standing far enough away that it can no longer touch him. The wind begins to blow his shoulder-length curly hair wildly, he clutches papers to his chest, and tears fall from his cheeks. He closes his eyes as the aerial ladder slowly makes its way up to him, with Davidson riding it up.

As the young man opens his eyes, he can hear Davidson talking to him, "What is your name?"

"Elliott, my name is Elliott." He replies, almost slipping as his limbs continue to shake violently.

"Elliott, I need you to breath for me..." Davidson replies stopping mid-sentence as the aerial ladder stops. The hydraulics system stops as people look on in shock.

The Fire Chief runs over to the truck, "McCormick, what is happening?"

"Chief, I don't know! It's not going to go up any further. He is going to have to jump."

"Pull the inflatable fall protector," orders the Fire Chief as he begins to scale the aerial ladder. "Davidson, he is going to have to jump!"

Elliott screams as the windows begin to moan as they warp and burst at the exposure to the immense heat.

"Elliott, when that inflatable fills, you are going to have to jump. Do you trust me?" Davidson asks. Elliott opens his red bloodshot eyes. As his brown eyes lock with Davidson's emerald eyes, he mistakenly moves in front of a buckling window.

Davidson screams, but Elliott cannot hear a sound like the calm before the storm. Suddenly, the window burst causing Elliott to thrust forward as he kicks, pushing himself. Davidson screams as they both catch each other by the forearm. Elliott looks into Davidson's eyes, still not able to make out any words he is saying. Their bodies are riddled with debilitating pain, but the fact they are both holding on filled them with pride. At that moment, Elliott begins to lose his grip, papers fall about the ground below him. He slowly begins to slide as his blood-soaked hands cause him to lose his grip. Elliott looks below, and the inflatable fall protector is almost filled. At that moment, he can hear Davidson, who now also has tears in his eyes.

"Elliott don't let go, please," Davidson says as his shoulder becomes dislocated.

"You can let me go. I will be okay," Elliott says as he loosens his grip.

"No, no, no, no, no, noooooooooo!" he screams as Elliott lets go falling in what seems like slow motion.

In the somewhat suspended moment, Elliot's the most enchanting creature Davidson has ever seen. There eyes are transfixed upon one another. Elliott's hair billows about his face and neck as if engulfed by a gentle breeze. He lands on the half-inflated fall protector and lightly cracks his head upon the concrete underneath, and everything goes black.

~~~~~~~ The Next Morning ~~~~~~

Elliott wakes up in the hospital. His head is bandaged, and his vision is slightly blurred. A person stands and walks over to him.

"Who's there?"

The person grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly. Elliott is instantly taken back to last night, and Davidson's eyes. Elliott's vision slowly begins to clear. Davidson pulls a chair to his bedside and looks into his eyes which causes Elliott to instantly break down. He notices his shoulder in a shoulder support sling.

"Almost thought I lost you there for a moment," Davidson says, smiling as a tear rolls from his face.

"You? I thought I wasn't long for this world," Elliott says, laughing through his tears.

"I have something for you," Davidson says as he gets up from his seat, walking to the window picking up a folder full of papers and pictures.

"My research," Elliott replies as he sits up in the bed.

"Who is the lady, if you don't mind me asking?"

"My ancestor Mary Black. I was working on my dissertation. I am creating a fictional novel roughly based on what she went through during the Salem Witch trials and a new world. I will stop talking now because I sound like a complete nerd," replies Elliott looking down blushing.

"A nerd? No, you sound super interesting. If you'd do me the honor, I would love to get to know you better?" says Davidson blushing, his bronze skin flushes rosy about his cheeks.

"I would love that. My mom is going to be putting me up until the insurance situation is settled. I've offered her money, but she won't take it. Anyways, I'm nervous rambling. I thought this was supposed to be the other way around, me chasing after my hero." Elliott replies as Davidson places his head on Elliott's arm laughing.

They both smile, locking arms like the hold that landed them at this moment.

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