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by Sumojo
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Poem about a life soon to end. Reminiscing about leaving England to go to Australia
Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
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Word/Line Count: 35 lines

Her thoughts swirl about the head
that lies so still upon the bed.
Sheets so clean, white, pristine,
tucked in so tight. As a Queen
she lies in this place that isn’t home,
waiting for visits that never come,
with flowers and news about a place
she does not care about. The human race
and their foolish ways hold no interest,
she’s run her race, done her best.
Now she dreams of babies at her breast.
Kisses, hugs, of being a bride,
handsome man by her side,
walking hand in hand to that promised land
across the water. Leaving those behind
to go far away to find
a better life to raise their child,
and those who were to follow.

She’s slipping back to times gone by,
of childhood games, sweet summer sky.
Of chasing butterflies in English fields.
Soft grass, spring blooms, she feels
the love from family, the ones she left
so long ago. Left them bereft
at losing daughter, sister too,
to live a life beyond their view.

But now as life is slipping from her grasp,
eyes closed awaiting her last gasp,
the light she heads towards.
They are all there, each one restored
just as they were before.
Her babies four, her handsome man.
Her brothers too, parents and her gran.
No pain she feels as she takes that walk
toward the light. No need to talk.

Poets note:
This poem is about a woman who left her homeland and family to start a new life in another country.
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