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by ~MM~
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2248308
New neighbours is bad enough, finding out their werewolves... - Dialogue 500 contest entry
"Of course our Neighbourhood Watch scheme is particularly good. Unparalleled really."


"The Von Grafs, over at number 22, they take a keen interest. Keep themselves to themselves mostly, won't come over uninvited, but Luca - tall chap, pale, works nights - and Agrippina are very thoughtful. Watch out for her chili though, it's got a bite. Mixes a damn good bloody Mary mind."

"Er -"

"And then of course there's the Sisters, number 7. Three of them, all very pretty. Lemme see, there's Petronella, Pruscilla, and - no, Persephone then Pruscilla. I always get those two muddled. They are very alike. I don't suppose you have any young men living with you, do you dear? No? Probably for the best...
"Oh, here's my husband. Wolf-darling, this is, I'm sorry, what was your name again, dear?"

"I -"

"Been having a lovely get-to-know-you chat. Now don't forget to be back in time for dinner, Wolf-dear.
Don't mind him. Folk's tend to find him just the teeniest bit intimidating, what with him being so tall and as broad as he is. And people will judge a man with such long hair and wild-looking beard. But he's just a big softy really. Coaches the local kids' football and rugby - loves a good ballgame, my Wolf. And he's so sociable; all our children take after him. Why it's a madhouse here! Packs of stray kids gadding about - feel more like I'm running an orphanage or pound than my own home sometimes.
"Now where was I? Oh yes, the neighbours. Have you met Mr Calixte yet? He's Haitian y'know. Rather good looking in a thin sort of way. Throws a tremendous party; but he will play those drums. Why Mr Calixte, I've said to him time and time again, Why Mr Calixte, if you keep banging those drums all night, we'll all be like zombies in the morning."

"Uh -"

"But then comes along Halloween and all is forgiven. We're big on Halloween round here, and it's always Mr Calixte that starts the celebrations. Big bonfire in his garden with those kettle drums of his, then up to the Von Grafs for a few drinkies. Of course they've got the house for it, what with those big Gothic gables and iron gates! I do tease Luca sometimes; you'll never be allowed to modernise y'know, I tell him. Never be able to replace those rickety old windows with proper PVC double-glazing.
"They've got a bat problem you see. Lesser horseshoe I believe. Protected species. Can't do anything with that rambly big ol' house of theirs. Never be able to sell it either. Not with the bats. Although, I don't think they want to. Been in the area forever, have the Von Grafs.
"Oh, but do listen to me jabber on, dear. I must be going - it'll be dark soon and I'd better get the litter fed. Said I had a big family, didn't I? Wolf'll be back any minute too, and he'll be howling mad if dinner's not on the table."

Word Count: 500
Prompt: You meet your new neighbours, who are werewolves
Contest: Dialogue 500

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#2249182 by ~MM~
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