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by bas
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An alien's search for habitable planet
“Have we reached ?” The commander of the ship turned his gaze to the navigator whose screen was lit with bright red dots.
“Look out of the window on your right sir, the planet will come up shortly”
Alute, commander of the ship which was sent out to search for a habitable planet, looked out to see a blue planet come into view.
" Let's hope we find this one habitable for our species" He commented, hopefully rising from his seat and walking up to the window.
"The initial studies were positive sir, and it already has life on it , probably intelligent life according to our data collected"
"Send a probe and collect samples of air , and water let's see what we have here" Alute instructed, continuing to gaze out.of the window.

"Sir, the results of the probe are available on your screen"
Alute moved to the screen and gazed at the various parameters of the analysis of water and air of the blue planet .
"I don't like this place. Every part of the planet is polluted,not one nook has been left unpolluted" Alute's disappointment was clear from his voice.
"Maybe we can purify it sir" one of the members suggested hoping that they can end their search.
"No , we don't have the time and resources to purify something that has been so badly maintained. Lets go to the option we had searched for" Alute sat back in his chair moving his gaze away from the blue planet.

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