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This is a poem about some important struggles in my life.
So many thoughts,
Too much to share,
Can't keep up,
Do they really care?
I swallow the pills every 8 a.m.
Drinking them down with fizzy dark liquid,
It kills me slowly from the inside yet makes a penny shine,
Politics and religion,
No time to be wasting,
We only get one life so we better embrace it.
Stuck here on my temperpedic futon,
I put a game on,
Its the same as every day,
Never really feeling like I get a break.
People talking, wanting to talk
but I can't get a word in,
Friend's hurt each other,
Loved one's desert you,
They tell you to be yourself,
Then they judge you.
My grandma once spoke wiser word's I never followed,
She said "A friend will love you no matter who you are."
But with society and all of these fads and rules,
They keep me chained down,
Till I just follow along,
With an inside frown.
Before it use to be so easy,
But then you wake up one day,
And it was all a dream.
They tell me to grow up,
What good is being man if they destroy everything they touch?
We chalk it up to being human beings,
Saving face so we aren't disgraced,
They say money don't grow on tree's,
That's a joke,
What about the paper mache, Tainted with ink stains?
Science tells us that we need the earth to breath,
But corporate rather take our breaths away with fancy machine's,
Life isn't fair,
Come on now that's not fair,
Remember we make it fair.
I see the red flags and the warning labels,
I ignore them and tuck them away,
I can't help but walk into the same old trap anyways.
No I just can't except that,
I wish that I could believe that we are better,
I dream of that someday where we can learn to care and share,
Nothing holding you back,
You can be anything and so much more than that ever.
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