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The story of a sixteen year old girl who is forced to marry a man twice her age.
Daria is awaken by a hand on her shoulder, startling her. She opens her eyes, fluttering them a few times to clear her vision, to see a soldier standing over her, holding a gun in his left hand, startling her.

Soldier: you need to get up right now.
Daria: what's going on?
Soldier: no time..move it.

Daria sits up groggily and start teaching for her clothes. The soldier sees her reaching and grabs the clothes, tossing them to a different part of the room. Daria looks at him annoyed.

Daria: hey!
Soldier: no time for that. You'll get new clothes when we get to the facility.

Daria decides that there's no point in arguing with the soldier, so she gets up, and walks out of the room. The soldier follows close behind as they walk down the hall and into the living room, where she finds a strange man standing, looking kind of sad.

Daria: where are my parents?
Scott: please follow us and we'll explain when were safe.
Daria: no I want to know now.

The man nods. At first, Daria finds it strange, until she realizes that he's nodding to the soldier, who wraps his arm around her waist and picks her up, carrying her outside. The man follows close behind.
Once outside, she's carried over to a black van where a soldiers stand at the back doors. As they approach, the other soldiers opens the back door. Daria tries to struggle to break free, but the soldier is too strong. Daria is loaded into the back and the door is closed.
Daria hears other doors open and closed followed by the motion of the van moving as it heads down the street. She looks around to see three other children with her. One is a girl a few years older than her. The other two are boys. One boy is her age and the one is few years older than her. The older one approaches her, her hand extended. Daria doesn't know if she should.take it.

Suzie: I'm Suzie. What's you're name?
Daria: I'm Daria. Do you have any idea what's going on?
Suzie: my mom told me they're taking is to a facility for safety.
Daria: safety from what?
Suzie: I don't know.
Jack: i think we should trust them. My parents seemed really scared so it must be bad, whatever it is.

Daria thinks about what they've said and decides to agree for now. She sits up in the van and continues to talk to the others as the van veers onto road after road. The last one gets a little bumpy soon she knows that they're somewhere in the countryside.
The van finally stops and door opeƱ up front. Then walk to the back of the van and open the doors, motioning for the occupants to claim out. Once out of the van, they are lead into a large round metal building through a set of metal doors.
Inside, they're lead down some corridors to an elevator. The elevator takes them down a few floors before opening it's doors. As they step out, they see this hallway has many doors. They walk halfway down the hallway, stopping in front of two doors across from each other. Scott opens the door.

Scott: this is where you'll be staying. The boys will be in one room and the girls in the other.

They children do as they're told and the doors close behind them. Suzie and Daria see that they're in a spacious bedroom with two beds, dressers, and closets.

Suzie: so which side do you want?
Daria: doesn't seem to matter. I guess I'll take the one on the right.
Suzie: okay.

The girls moved over to theeir sides of the room and laid down on the bed, finding them to be really soft. The girls continue to chat with each other, pausing as they hear others coming down the hallway, entering the other rooms, before continue the conversation.

----------------------------------two days later----------------------------------

Daria and Suzie wake up to a knock at the door. Before they can respond, the door opens and Scott walks in alone, holding a clipboard. He turns to the two girls.

Scott: Daria, I need you to come with me.

Daria isn't sure if she sure at first. Something inside her is telling not to. She looks over to Suzie who smiles, looking at her with concern. Scott can see that she's hesitant and he can't blame her. This must be so very jarring for her.

Scott: I'm not going to hurt you. I need to bring you to the council, to decide your future.

The thought of having her future decided for her makes Daria even more nervous, but she realizes that she doesn't have much choice. She gets off her bed and follows Scott out of the room. They walk down the hall and into the elevator.
The elevator rises a couple of floors and then stops. The doors open and they step out, walking into a large room. On the far end of the room, there are three men behind a table. Two chairs have been placed a foot from the table. Scott and Daria walk over and sit in the two empty chairs. The man in the center looks down at the paper in front of him and then back at them.

Jack: miss Daria, I'm sorry to hear about your parents, but as we promised them, we will do whatever it takes to take care of you.

Tears stream down Daria's face, as she sits in shock over the news of her parents. Scott looks at Daria with pity, feeling bad for her, but doesn't know what to do for her. He takes her right hand in his left. she feels the hand touch and turns to see the pity in Scott's eyes. She then turns back to Jack.

Daria: what happened to them?
Jack: they were attacked and killed trying to protect you.

Hearing this makes Daria continue to cry. Even jack begins to feel sorry for this girl. He can't imagine what it's like for her, though it would be a lot worse if she knew the truth. That will never happen. She can never know. He must continue with the business at hand.

Jack: we have thought long and hard about your case. Being seventeen, there seems to be one option. While the community as a whole will take you in, to raise you as their child, you're at the age where you must begin forging your own life.

Daria send confused with what Jack is saying so he decides to clarify everything. It's important that she understand and accept her told in the community. If not, she will be dealt with in a more harsh way.

Jack: we believe that it's everyone's job to raise and guide a child into adulthood.

Daria smiles a little. This place doesn't seem so bad after all. It's probably a lot better than the alternative. She has always relied on her parents so she has no clue how to survive on her own.

Jack: when you turn eighteen, you will take a husband.

Daria is shocked by this news. How can they expect her to take a husband. How do they know that she even wants one. She may be happy alone. Even if she did, how can she be expected to pick and fall in love with a man in three days?! Jack sees the expression on her face and knows what she's thinking.

Jack: don't worry about picking your husband, that has already been done for you.

Suddenly, she feels a small squeeze of her hand and she turns to see Scott smiling at her. Daria is so overwhelmed. This can't mean what she thinks it does. Scott is at least twice her age. She can't see how this would ever work.

Scott: don't worry, I'll make you very happy.

Daria just sits in her chair stunned. She doesn't know what to do say or think. It's just too much for her to handle. Jack realizes that she's having trouble processing the news and decides to end the conversation.

Jack: Scott, please take Daria back to her room. She obviously need time to process everything.
Scott: yes sir.

Scott helps Daria stand out of the chair and walk over to the elevator, still holding her hand. Daria is confused why he's doing this but doesn't pull away. She's so dazed and confused, she's having trouble walking straight. They get in. Once the elevator has reached the floor and opens it's doors, Scott leads Daria back to the door of her room.

Scott: I know this is really hard right now, but I want you to know that I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Scott let's go of her hand and walks away, heading back into the elevator. Daria watches as the doors close and the elevator moves up the floors. Daria enters her room and sits on her bed. Suzie can see that she's troubled and walks over, sitting on the bed next to her.

Suzie: are you okay? What happened?
Daria: my parents are dead and they expect me to marry Scott when I turn eighteen.

Suzie feels a little bad for Daria, not only for losing her parents, but find out from strange guy, who in the same breath, is forcing you to get married. She can see why Daria is so distraught. At least she now knows what date is in-store for her in a few months.

Suzie: oh man, I'm sorry.
Daria: I don't know what to do. There's no telling what they'll do if I refuse or try to escape.
Suzie: maybe you should ask them. Maybe if you explain you're not ready, they'll let you wait. It can't hurt to ask.
Daria: you're right.

------------------------------------the next day-----------------------------------

The door opens. Daria and Suzie turn to see Scott step into the room. Suzie turns to Daria and nods to her, encouraging to ask the question they discussed yesterday, the same one she has for herself. Daria nods back and turns to Scott.

Scott: do you ladies need anything?
Suzie: I'm fine.

Scott turns to see that Daria wants to say something but she's holding back, most likely out of fear. He walks over to her and joins her on her bed, gently taking her hands in his.

Scott: how are you doing with everything? I know you've been through a lot yesterday.
Daria: I'm fine.

As much as she wants to say how she really feels, she fears angering these men. She also knows that Suzie is right. She takes a deep breath as Scott gently squeezes her hand, reassuring her, smiling. Daria smiles back.

Scott: you can tell me anything.
Daria: I'm not ready for marriage. Do I have to? Can't you just let me go?
Scott: I'm sorry but it's for the good of the community. Once we're married, I'm not going to force you, I don't care what they say.

Daria sees the sincerity in his eyes and all her worries subside. He obviously means what he's sayong. She now knows that she can go through with the marriage and maybe down the line, she can be happy. Maybe she can even learn to love him. Scott smiles again, seemingly knowing what she's thinking.

Scott: you feel better now?
Daria: yeah.
Scott: I'm glad. I guess I'll see you tomorrow at our wedding.then.
Daria: yeah.

Scott stands up and the girls watch as he walks out of the room. Daria turns to suzie who's trying to hide the fact that she's a little jealous.

Suzie: you are so lucky.
Daria: yeah, he seems really sweet.

-------------------------------------the next day------------------------------------

The door opens and Daria turns around, hoping for it to be Scott, but is disappointed to see some woman standing at the door. Daria see the dress in her hands and realizes that it's time. Daria nerves start to tingle but she takes a deep breath, calming them.
The woman walks over and hands Daria the dress. She walks back over to the door but doesn't leave. Daria pits the dress on, surprised to see how well it fit her. It's a beautiful old fashioned white dress with lace everywhere, the kind of dress she would have picked out for herself.

Woman: it's time. We must get going.
Daria: okay.

Daria turns to Suzie, who is smiling, visibally happy for her. Daria walks over and hugs her. After, Suzie helps Daria straighten her dress.

Suzie: good luck.
Daria: thanks.

Daria turns and walks over to the lady, who opens the door for her. They walk out, into the hallway, and down to the elevator. They get in and the door closes. The elevator goes up to main floor.
The doors open and they step out. The same room that had the single table and chairs is now decorated for a wedding. There are rows of chairs filled with guest. Up front is a priest with Scott and see other man next to him.
Jack sees Daria and walks over, taking her right arm in his left. Music begins to play. The woman walks down the aisle, followed by Jack and Daria. They walk to the front and Jack hands Daria over to Scott, who smiles. Daria can't help but smile herself. They turn to the priest. The music stops and the priest begins.

Priest: dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to witness the blessed union of this man, and this woman, in holy matrimony.
The priest turns to Jack first. Daria realizes how real this is. There's no turning back, not that she has a choice. Part of her doesn't mind.

Priest: do you, Scott, take this woman, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for as long as you both shall live?
Scott: I do.
Priest: do you, Daria, take this man, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, for as long as you both shall live?
Daria: I do.
Priest: you may now exchange rings and your vows.

Daria and Scott take their ring from the two people next to them and the turn to each other. Scott goes first. He lifts Daria's left hand and slips the ring onto her finger. He looks into her eyes.

Scott: I promise to be the husband you deserve, the only man you want, and the only man you need, now and forever more.

Daria lifts Scott's left hand and slides the ring onto his finger. She looks up into his eyes. Seeing him smile, makes her smile

Daria: I promise to be the wife you deserve, the only woman you want, and the only woman you need, now and forever more.

When they were done, they both turn back to the priest, holding each other's hands. The priest raises his arms over his head.

Priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife. May god bless both of you. You may now kiss the bride.

Scott and Daria turn and lean in, giving each other a soft kiss on the lips. Everyone cheers as music begins to play. Scott and Daria turns to the crowd, smiling.

Priest: I would like to present to all of you, Mr. And Mrs. Scott Douglas.

The crowd cheers again, throwing rice as the new bride and groom walk down the aisle, hand and hand. They enter the elevator and the door close. The elevator drops down two floors and the doors open to a hallwau similar to the one she was on, but with more spacing between the door, denoting bigger rooms.
Scott leads daria to the last door on the right, opening the door. He turns to Daria and picks her up in his arms. They both smile.

Scott: I know this isn't a real marriage, but tradition is tradition, right?
Daria: yeah.

Daria smiles. Even though she didn't feel anything for Scott, she didn't mind being in his arms. He enters the room and shuts the door with his foot, putting Daria down.

Scott: I had people move your clothes into the closet during the ceremony. If you like, you can get changed while I make dinner.

Daria walks into the bedroom and over to the closet. she picks out a short red dress with matching high heels. She changes her clothes, hanging her wedding dress in the closet.
She walks into the kitchen, to find Scott already cooking some steak and mashed potatoes. Daria inhales deeply, enjoying the aroma of the food.

Daria: it smells really good.

Scott turns to see that Daria is watching him. He turns to see that Daria has entered the kitchen and is watching him. He turns the steak down and walks over to her smiling.

Scott: it's going to be a little while before it's ready. How about a dance?
Daria: okay.

Scott takes Daria's hand and leads her to the living room, where he turns the stereo on. Music begins to play. Scott walks over to Daria and takes her in his arms, dancing with her. He has her right hand in his left and his arm around her waits, leaving a few inches between them. They glide on the floor, enjoying the dance and each others' company.
Suddenly, Scott pulls away and heads back in the kitchen. He can feel himself following Daria but he's not going to break his promise to her. He respect her too much. He finishes the food and serves them on plates.
He brings the plates out to the living room, handing one to Daria before they sit down on the couch. They eat silently until they're all done.

Daria: that was delicious, thank you.
Scott: no problem.
Daria: so why did you run away during our dance?
Scott: I had to check on the food.
Daria: oh.

Scott takes their plates into the kitchen and puts them in the sink, washing them before he puts them away. He walks back out to the living room and joins Daria on the couch. She was facing the kitchen, watching him, following him as he joined her on the couch.

Daria: now what?
Scott: it's getting late. We should go to bed.
Daria: okay.

Scott and Daria get off the couch and head into the bedroom. The room has the usual furnishing, with one ki g size bed. Scott turns to Daria.

Scott: were going to have to share the bed but don't worry, I'll stay on my side.
Daria: I'm not worried.

They both chuckle as they climb into the bed and Scott turns off the light. They both fall fast asleep, staying asleep through the night.
When they wake up in the morning, Daria finds herself laying up against Scott, her head on his chest. Scott slides out from under her and sits up. Even though they didn't do anything, he still feels guilty. Daria finds his reaction cute, though she doesn't know why she ended up like that. Is she falling for him? Wouldn't be a bad thing if she was.

Daria: do you like me?
Scott: of course, you're a sweet girl.

Daria didn't know if she liked his answer, that he saw her as a girl. She though she saw the signs that he felt as she did. Maybe she was wrong.

Daria: I just want you to know that I really like you. No one has ever treated me like you have.

Hearing this startles Scott who turns toward her. He can't believe what he's hearing. She's so sweet and caring. How could anyone be cruel to her. The thought angers him a little but he controls his temper.
Daria gets out of the bed and moves over to his side, pulling him out of bed. Scott looks at her with confusion and she smiles as she wraps his arms around her waist.

Daria: we never did finish that dance.

Daria begins saying back and forth, wrapping her arms around his neck. Scott watches her in delight, finding it very sexy.

Scott: there's no music.
Daria: who needs it.

Daria moves closer and closer, lightly brushing her body against his. Scott smiles as he begins dancing as well, pulling her even closer, their bodies grinding against each other. They lean in for a very tender kiss. Suddenly Scott pulls away.

Scott: we shouldn't do this. This isn't a real marriage.
Daria: it can be.

Daria pulls Scott closer and kisses him even more passionately. Scott kisses her back, his tongue enter her mouth, playing with her tongue. His hands slide down her back, all the way to her butt. His mouth moves down to her neck as his hand grab her butt, lifting her up. Daria moans as she wraps her legs around his waist.
Scott lays her on the bed. He continues to kiss her neck as he grinds himself against her. Daria can feel him getting so hard for her, exciting her even more. Her panties are becoming so wet for him. Scott goes back to kissing her passionately on the lips as I e hand pulls down her panties and the other gently squeezes her breasts, making her moan even louder.
A part of Scott knows that they should stop, they need to take thing slow, after all, she's a virgin, but he can't. His desire for her is too strong. He's never wanted a woman more than Daria. He pulls down his pants and enters her sweet mound, slow at first. He thrusts in and out of her, faster and deeper with each thrust, making Daria moan and scream his name in pleasure.
He continues to go deeper and harder, making Daria feel like she's going to be broken in half, but loving every minute of it. He slides the straps of her nightgown down, pulling the night gown around her waist. Scott pulls up her bra, sucking on her breasts, nibbling and licking her nipples as he continues to thrust. Daria's juices explode from her as she climaxes.
Scott slows, holding back. He rolls onto his back, pulling her on top of him, sitting on him. Scott places his hands on her hips, guiding her as he begins thrusting inside her again. Daria tosses her her back and moans as they climax together, his seed gushing inside of her.
Daria collapses in top of Scott and he wraps his arms around her, leaving himself inside of her. Scott watches her catch her breath, hoping they have done the right thing.

Scott: are you okay?
Daria: wonderful.

Daria kisses Scott on the lips, placing her right hand on his cheek. Scott can feel himself get hard again as he kisses her back, his hands exploring every inch of her body. Even though she is sore, feeling his hardness in her, excites Daria a little.

Daria: I'm so glad I married you.
Scott: me too.

Suddenly, Scott some one else there and turns his head. Jack is in the doorway, smiling. Scott slides Daria off him and cover her up with sheets.

Scott: I'll be right back.

Scott gets out of bed and follows Jack into the living room. They both sit on the couch. Jack is still grinning, iratating Scott.he can tell by that grin that jack had been there for the whole session.

Scott: so did you like the show?
Jack: very much. A little jealous too, i must say. She is a real catch.

Scott continues to study Jack, listening to everything he says, trying to figure out what he is after. Jack sees the way Scott is looking at him and grins even more. It's obvious how much he likes this human.

Jack: to think I almost saved her for me. I made the right choice though. You two belong together.

Scott says nothing. As much of a jerk jack is being, he's still the head of the council, and can do what he wants to anyone.je could kill one or both of them, or even worse, separate them, putting her with another male

Jack: I guess I'll let you two get some rest. The best is yet to come.

Jack chuckles as he turns and walks out the front door. Scott watches him, deep in thought about the relationship, wondering if it was a mistake. Daria doesn't know what she's gotten herself I to and he doesn't know if he has the heart to tell her.
Suddenly, Scott feels a hand on him and jumps. Turning around, he sees Daria standing in front of him, stark naked, smiling.

Daria: sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Scott: you didn't. I was just deep in thoughtdaria: about our relationship.
Daria: what about it?

Scott pauses for a moment, finally deciding that he has to tell her everything. It won't change the relationship itself. Being bound to him in marriage, she can never leave, but at least she'll be in it with her eyes wide open.
Daria takes a step forward and runs her hands down his chest, opening his tone. Scott takes a step back. She looks at him confused. She doesn't realize this is serious. If she keeps going with what she was doing, he going to lose his nerve..not to mention his self control. That would be the worst thing he can do.

Scott: please let me talk.
Daria: okay.

Daria remains where she is, realizing that this is something that she needs to hear. She just hope that he's not ending things with her. She has grown to love him so much in such a short time, she's not sure if she could live without him. Scott can see she's worried and knows why.

Scott: I do love you. That's why I need to tell you the truth about me.

Daria goes from being worried to curious. She realizes that she don't know much of anything about him, but she can't figure out what about him, would prompt such a serious conversation.

Scott: when you first came here, it was for the soul purpose to use and discard you.

Daria isn't sure if she likes where this conversation isn't going but she decides to let him continue, not wanting to misjudge him. He deserves that much.

Scott:I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. That's when I begged Jack to let me have you as my wife.

Daria smiles. Was this really the serious truth he had to tell me, that he saved me from being raped and killed? Hearing this makes her love him even more. She walks up to him, hissing him passionately. Scott kisses her back, his hands explore her body. Scott feels his lust build. Scott pulls away again.

Scott: there's more. I've been holding back for a reason. I'm not like you. I'm an immortal.

Daria realizes that this is becoming a lot more serious and scarier than she had thought. She's not sure how much more she wants to hear. It's so overwhelming. She takes a deep breath and decides to ask her questions.

Daria: are you a god?
Scott: no. We're shape shifting creature that can take the form of other beings, in order to blend in.
Daria: can I see your real form?
Scott: the only time we reveal ourselves is when we've lost control of ourselves. That's why I've always held back while making love to you.

Daria walks over to Scott and takes his hands in hers, leaving a space between them. She can see how much this is bothering him and she's determine to help him through this, by making it as easy as she can.

Daria: you don't have to hold back. I made a commitment to you, I won't run.
Scott: you don't understand! When we're in our natural form, we don't just change our appearance, we become much bigger and stronger, more than a human can handle.

Daria feels bad for Scott. It must be so hard to be what he is, to fall for a human, knowing he can kill her without even trying. She can tell that him holding back is hurting him physically and emotionally. He needs to release before it destroys him. Daria steps closer, her chest against his. Scott tries to pull back but she wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips.

Scott: what are you doing?
Daria: you need to release. It can't be healthy to hold back all the time.
Scott: I will kill you.
Daria: only if you go all the way, we just have to be careful.

Daria kisses Scott again, this time more passionate. Scott kisses her back. He feels the lust growing. He starts to hold back but the way Daria moans, begging him to let go, drives him wild.
Scott pushes Daria backwards against the wall, pinning her there. His kisses becoming rougher as his hands squeeze her breasts hard. He rams himself into her at full force. Daria moans in pain and pleasure.

Daria: that's it, let it all go.

Scott thrusts harder and deeper than he's ever have before. His face becomes beast like and his body grows five times it's size. Daria hides her fear, not wanting him to stop. She doesn't realize that this is just the begining.
He sees the tears rolling down her face as the pain grows, but he can feel himself losing more and more control. Even the brushes being left on her legs and wrists aren't enough to stop him, as he climaxes again and again.
Daria passes out in his arms from the pain, but even this doesn't stop him as he continues making love to her, climaxing three more times.
Finally regaining control, he pulls out and back up, letting Daria slide to the floor. Her whole body is covered in bruises. Tears roll down his face as he checks on her. He breathes a sigh of relief to find that she is still alive, just barely. He picks her up gently and carries her into the bed room, where he lays her on the bed, covering her with sheets. He lays next to her and watches her sleep.

-------------------------------------the next day-----------------------------------

Daria finally wakes up, her body still bruised and very sore. She turns to see Scott laying next to her and smiles. He tries to smile but the worry on his face is very obvious. Wincing in pain, he raises her right arm and touches his cheek, wiping away his tears.

Daria: I survived.
Scott: I nearly killed you. We can never do that again.
Daria: I'm fine.
Scott: no you're not.

Scott pulls back the sheets to show Daria that her completely bruised body. Daria tries to turn onto her side, but the pain is too much

Scott: I told you this was a bad idea.
Daria: it has to be done.
Scott: no it doesn't. I'd rather die than have to live without you, to have to live with the fact that I'm the one that kills you.

Daria can see how much he's hurting and decides that it's not worth the price. They'll just have to find another way to deal with it.

Daria: you're right. No more.

Suddenly Daria winces at the pain in her stomach. See her wince, Scott gently places his hand on her stomach, clearly not liking what he's feeling.

Daria: what is it?
Scott: we got a problem.
Daria: how bad?
Scott: your pregnant.

Out of instinct, Daria begins to smile, but seeing the worried look on Scott's face makes her smile disappear. She realizes that she's in real danger.

Daria: am I going to die?
Scott: I don't know. We've never had a human pregnancy before. There's no telling what will happen.

Daria can't help but become worried herself. Scott hold her gently, trying to comfort her. He doesn't want to scare her, but she needs to know the truth. It may be the only thing that'll save her.
Scott sense someone else in the room and turns to see jack standing by the door. His smile fades as he sees Daria's body. He already knows what happened.

Jack: this is why I don't get emotionally involve. It always leads to losing control.
Scott:that's why you're alone, Jack.
Jack: at least I didn't get a human pregnant. You know how dangerous that is. Now you know what you must do.
Scott: we're not ending the pregnancy.
Jack: are you picking your half breed child over your love?
Scott: we don't know what will happen. She survived what I put her through last night, she could survive this. Give her a chance.
Jack: fine, but don't blame me, when things go wrong
Scott: believe me, I won't.

Jack turns and walks out of the bedroom, crossing the living room, and heading out the front door. Scott turns his attention back to Daria, tending to her wounds.

Scott: we're gonna get through this together, no matter what it takes.

Daria smiles. She can still see the worry in his eyes but she chooses to ignore it, focusing on the hope that everything goes well. Daria reaches up pulls Scott's face down to hers, kissing him on the lips, before letting him get back to healing her.

-------------------------------a one months later------------------------------

Daria is laying on the bed, wearing only a night gown, with pillows under her butt. Her legs are bent and spread apart. Scott is sitting on the bed next to her, holding her hand, while the doctor is in between her legs. Swear is poring down Daria's face. She's already been in labor for several hours and is begining to tire. Both the doctor and Scott begin to worry.

Doctor: I know your tired daia, but you need to push. The head is almost out.

Scott kisses Daria on the forehead and holds her tight. Daria takes a deep breath and pushes, finally clearing the head. The doctor smiles in relief, relieving Daria and Scott. The doctor starts wiping off the baby, giving Daria a few minutes to rest and catch her breath. The baby begins to cry.

Doctor: just a few more pushes.

Daria isn't sure if she has the strength anymore. She looks into Scott's eyes, seeing his love, she finds her strength again. Daria takes one deep breath after another and pushes, finally giving birth to her first child, a boy. The doctor wraps the baby up and heads him to Daria. Daria and Scott look at their child and smile, kissing his forehead. It doesn't bother Daria that he looks just like his father I his natural form.
Daria pulls her right breast out of her night gown and offers it to the baby, who latches on tightly, hurting Daria a little. She was told this was going to happen so she's not surprised by it. She watches as she feels the baby drinking from her hungrily.

Daria:he looks just like his father.

Scott smiles, agreeing with Daria. The baby finally finished and let's go. As Daria lays tucks her breast back in, laying their baby on her chest, Scott can't help but see the bruise their child left behind. Mary see it as well and smiles at Scott, not worried at all.

Daria: just like his dad.
Scott: we'll have to keep an eye on that.
Daria: I'm fine.

Scott would like to believe that but he can't help but worry. It's miraculous, all the things she has survived, but he doesn't want to let down his guard, ever. He loves her too much to let anything happen to her. As they continue to celebrate their new child, the doctor leaves them, giving them privacy.
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