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by Turtle
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Dark · #2248933
Junior is depressed and is going through a lot of pain. Hopefully, his family can help him
Warning: Chapter contains no suicide. Just swearing, friendly bonding, and my OC. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own the Mario Franchise. That belongs to Nintendo.


Bowser: 54

Ludwig: 22

Roy (older than Morton by a month): 20

Morton (younger than Roy by a month): 20

OC: ???

Iggy: 17

Wendy: 16

Lemmy: 14

Larry: 12

Bowser Jr: 5

Chapter 4: Getting The Help We Need

Recap: After Ludwig's talk, he decided that it would be best to move on and forget about what happened. But Jr thinks that he meant that they were going to forget about them forever. This lead to an argument, with no one winning and Jr walking out. Later, Ludwig stops by Jr's room to apologise for what he said, while Jr is listening, but not responding. Now, it's morning, a new day for a new face....and some more help.

*??? POV*

I walked up to the door of the Koopa Family. I looked around their garden and saw flowers, a whole bunch of them. I knew most of them were for King Bowser Koopa. I heard about what happened, but I didn't go to the funeral. I was too busy trying to console my Mom. I almost forgot about it, until I got that call.
My friend Ludwig had called me up to talk to his family, bit not just about their Dad. He told me about Larry, and I almost started crying. I liked Larry. He was one of the funniest Koopa Kids I knew, but he was now gone. I told him I would come, and he thanked me. Now, here I am, standing in front of their house.
I knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer. I looked around again, and noticed pieces of paper besides my feet. I picked them up and looked at it. It looked like a little kids drawing. I couldn't make it out too well because it was ripped to pieces, but when I put them 5 pieces together, I could tell it was of a family. I knew this had to be Bowser Jr's drawing. But what I didn't understand was why his drawing was out here.
I heard the door unlock, and I quickly stuffed the pieces of paper into my shell. I was greeted by Ludwig at the door. "Hi, Ludwig." "Hi." I could tell he barely got any sleep last night. I couldn't blame him. "Please, come in." He gestured for me to come inside, and I did. I looked around the living room, and found that nothing has changed too much since I was last here.
"I appreciate you calling me, Ludwig. You sounded like you just listened to another one of Wendy's songs." He chuckled at the comment. "I see your ego never changed. And thank you for coming, Jack."

OC: Jack
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'9
Weight: 117lbs
Appearance: Dark, short, blue hair
Hair is down and covering his right eye
Has an ocean blue shell
Has a scar on his right eye
Has short claws
Likes: The Koopalings,
His job,
His family,
Dislikes: The fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend,
His scar,
Sexual relationships,
Child abuse,
Child profanity,
Animal cruelty,

*And that sums up my OC. I hope you enjoy my OC, and if you have any ideas for another, please let me know, and let's continue with Chapter 4 :)*

I smiled at the comment. "No problem. And I'm sorry for your losses, although you wouldn't have wanted to hear those words again, what with the while Kingdom giving you their condolences and all." "No, it's fine. It's nice to get some comfort." "Does the Kingdom know about Larry?" "Yeah. That didn't make things any better for the Kingdom."
We started walking along the corridor towards Ludwig's room. As we were walking, I couldn't help but notice him looking at the portraits of the King. He looked so miserable, and I figured he felt miserable being without him. "I know how hard this must be for you." "Huh?" " I saw the way you were looking at those portraits. I know what you're thinking right now. I know you're hurting right now, but just k ow that I'm here anytime you need me."
All he did was nod. We reached his room in just a minute. He opened the door and let me in. I looked around the room, and it looked the same. There were the same posters, the same piano, the same scepter... basically everything was the same, except the atmosphere of the room. It felt dark, cold, and it makes you feel as if you're all alone, a vibe I knew all too well. I quickly shook the feeling away and sat on Ludwig's bed. He did the same.
"Ok, Ludwig. Now that we reached out destination, it's time to get down to business." "Ok. What's first?" "Well, first, let's try some exercises to get you awake and not looking like a zombie trying to eat me." A small laugh was heard from Ludwig. I smiled at that. We got up and started stretching. After 5 minutes of stretching, we sat back down. "There we go. See, you look better." "Yeah. Thank you, Jack." "Anything for a friend." Now, let's try and talking about the problem."
For 15 minutes, we talked about Ludwig, his Dad, and what he's trying to accomplish. Afterwards, it looked like he was feeling much better. "Wow." "I know, I'm amazing, right?" He playfully pushed me. "Sure, Jack. You're sooo great." I knew that tone anywhere. "Was that sarcasm I detected?" "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't." I grabbed his feet and kept it close to me. "Don't make me throw you off this bed. Remember, I'm a champion at throwing people by their feet." "Ooh, I'm so scared."
I couldn't help but laugh. Ludwig was funny, and he always made my day. "Don't make me do this, Ludwig." "Do your worst." "Don't say I didn't warn you." The next sounds that came from Ludwig and me were pure joy. I knew he wouldn't approve of me doing this, but he was basically asking for it. We started playfully fighting with one another, with me throwing him off (not really, just playfully pushed him off), and him dragging me down with him. We started wrestling on the ground, with me winning and pinning him down.
"You were saying?" "I said..." I didn't see what was coming next. He threw me to the side and pinned me down. "Do. Your. Worst."
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