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Sometimes what we offer the universe is returned to us in contrarian.

A non-combatant free-thinking committee;
what peace those underground artists do conjure!
A stage for the first life of trilogies from a Trinity,
and musical medlies from guitar chefs beating drums of silence.

Challenges elegantly drift downstream,
wearing an ethereal note of the sweet by and by.
Not a whisper of bedazzled tragedy could beset the enigma.
Plums and sugary summertime treats conquer the apathy.

On blankets of cashmere we spill wine glasses of sorrow,
but in return, receive delicacies of melodious offerings.
The blaze, we have found, is fatal to the Strawman,
but pursue him, anyway, to save him from smoldering opposition.

The majority rules! Madmen disco dancing at the formal.
Breaking blockchains never emerged as a trend.
But victory's in signing away with the stark lunacy
to hug and caress the meandering wanderlust of an individual prism.
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