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As told from the perspective of one walking through time
In deepest solitude I sit,
My mind begins to stray
To thoughts of years in distant past
And coming future days.

The past lies just beyond my reach
And aching, my heart yearns
To live again those moments fair,
Those lessons, to relearn.

But fading mem'ry of those days
Melt deep into the mist
Of Time's dark chasm, shadowed dim,
In lost lore locked away.

Yet what I am came forth from such
That now is long forgot;
But stamped upon my features firm
Is that which now is not.

Now, forward wends my wand'ring gaze
To times as yet unseen.
The years ahead hold myst'ries dark
With many tales to glean.

I know not what my life shall be,
What stories I shall weave;
But time to come is but a breath
Before the One Who sees.
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