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Poetry month: The Contest Challenge
April showers being dazzling flowers
Poems shower and water these flowers
Flowers bloom and eyes delight
taking in this colorful delightful sight

Writing poems I explore and create
Sharing word art for readers to relate
Bringing beauty to life and color
This world is much less duller

God’s coloring book I enjoy
His creativity for me does not annoy
An artist He creates for me and you
His grace and kindness He gifts anew

At writing dot com a community that’s great
we writers are free to share and to create
Poetry and poets here can be found
Friends too as you explore and look around

Writing for me is a challenge and a lot of fun
With God’s help, I write and have surely won
The greatest gifts from Him given to me
Are writing and WDC

Poetry month and NaNo too
is a challenge that’s just for you
Many contests and forums of poetry interest
Write a poem and show off your writing best

You may win something really great
costumicons, MB’s, and gift points to celebrate
They are to me first-rate that I really appreciate
available for anyone who participates

I write this poem to show the way
You can be creative and enjoy your day
I wish for you great success
Now go, write, and be very blessed

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Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest

Word 223/Line Count: 32

1208 characters, 223 words. Readability level: 11-12th grade student.

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