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Finding something better than luck can be dangerous. {item:2238102}

“You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck. That’s my motto for now until God gives something else for me to use. I’ll see you guys later. I have bible study in a little while.”

“What’s with your Rob? Hi, Annie, I just finished reading some scriptures for our bible study group. God is raining blessings upon me.”

“Well, you don’t seem to have a lot of luck these days.”

“Luck has nothing to do with my life!”

“I’m the luckiest person in the world, what do you mean by that?”

“You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck.”

“That’s a major insult. Who do you think you are anyway. You’re all high and mighty about what you believe and rub it in everyone's face, get real! I have everything I need or ever wanted and look at you, you’re struggling to get through college, live in a shared apartment, and are skinny as a rail probably because you can’t afford enough food to keep an ant alive. Why am I even friends with you?”

“I’m God’s child Annie. He knows all about me and takes care of me no matter what is happening.“ …

“Well isn’t that brave, Rob.”

“He is my father in heaven. My earthly father does a good job but God does even more and much better.”

“Sure, I can see that, really…and, and I suppose you think I’m scum.”

“No, you’re God’s child also, but you haven’t taken the time to get to know your heavenly father. You should at least read the gospels and then you’ll understand more about what I’ve been telling you. When I read the scriptures I feel like I’m getting a huge hug from my father in heaven. My spirit is uplifted and no matter what happens I have peace.”

“Sure you do.”

Spinning away from Rob, Annie rushed toward her car and shuttered as she slipped inside.

Seeing Annie years later, Rob’s heart felt heavy as he remembered that long-ago conversation. Slowly walking towards her, he paused while clenching his fists pondering about interacting with her.

Glancing about Annie thought she saw a familiar face and then it all came crystal clear.

“Hey, Rob!”

“Hi, Annie how are you?”

“I’m doing ok, and you?”


His body relaxed and he felt more at ease. No explosions may be possible as long as we don’t talk about God and Jesus and scripture and…

“Are you still into the religious thing?”

“Not exactly a religious thing.”

“Oh, then what is it you’re into these days?”

“Actually, I, ah…well, the same stuff you know about only on a higher level.”

“Not the, You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck, stuff still. Really? I thought you might have found another phrase by now that would make a huge difference in your sharing about God and scripture with people.”

“Wow! You’re calm!”

“I’ve learned a lot over the past years.”

“You look like you, talk like you, and sound like you, but where is Annie, and what happened to her?”

I’ve been through a lot over the years, Rob. Things got so bad that I thought about ending things. Luckily, I bumped into some people through my friends who were able to reach out to me and help me get back on track. They were skilled in psychology, social work. and they also were Christians. At first, I had no idea these people were Christians. After many, many months I found out because they invited me to go to a bible study. I really didn’t want to go but to be polite, I mustered all my strength and went with them. It was strange. After being there for a few minutes I started to feel like a very heavy weight was lifted off of me. It was like being in a strange place that was familiar. I wasn’t afraid, more puzzled and surprised. Part of me wanted to run out of the place but a slightly stronger part of me wanted to stay, so I stayed. It turned out to be wonderful. It was something I could relate to and the longer I stayed the less strange it seemed to me.

After this bible study and church ceremony service, we all went to a restaurant combination memento-type place. It reminds me of the places that catered to tourists. Anyway, the food was simple and I enjoyed it and the friendship.

I was drawn to investigate a bit more but felt some hesitation, I don’t know why. And…”

Well, congratulations Annie for taking the first steps to find what I’ve been trying to share with you. I’m glad you now know about this part of my life.”

Yeah, well, I’m still learning but with your help, I should be able to learn more.”

“I’d love to help you and share what I can with you. Would you be interested in attending a revival with me that’s going to be held next Friday?”

“Sure, that would be great and I can tell you more about what’s been happening with me and find out more about what you’ve been doing.”

Annie, I’m very happy that we’re no longer fighting over religion anymore.”

Me too, I just didn’t understand and it was horrible dealing with this strange stuff you were telling me.”

I’d like to call you so we can make arrangements to get together for the revival.”

“Here, my number is on the back of this business card.”

After Rob watched Annie fade away as she headed for her car, he turned the card over, his mouth dropped almost to his knees and he stood frozen and shaking.

A six-pointed star with a circle was in the left corner. Annie karma: Priest and then the phone number was prominently centered, followed by a pyramid with an eye in the middle of it. The red pupil seemed to be glaring at Rob.

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~ You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck.

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