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Yes, April showers bring May flowers, but they also create wonderful 'music' for the ears.
         I shivered as I rose from my warm cozy bed
         stumbled to a streaked window and peeked out with dread.
         April smothered in a wet blanket of snow
         Mommy says it's spring why won't freezing winter go?
         The grass should be bright green at the very least brown,
         not covered in white flakes that are still swirling down.
         I search for scarf and mitts, pull on my coat and hat.
         Mom stops me with, "Do you really want to wear that?"
         I glance out the door, I see the snow is no more.
         Great raindrops splatter and splonk, a steady downpour.
         Winter gear's flung to the floor. I step into boots
         red, knee-high, puddle-stomping for wet play pursuits.
         I 'galomp' outside, squishy, slurpy slimy mud
         tugs at my two feet as it oozes, 'splarts'. and floods.
         I splash in the water drip, drip, dripping from the trees
         and the pitter-pattering plops leaving the eaves.
         Dancing droplet diamonds sparkle and shimmer.
         A few sneak inside my hood cool, glitter glimmer.
         I sing a few lines of April showers, I grin.
         A purple flower nods at me, will May begin?
         Bye, bye Winter, Mommy says you'll visit again.
         Please don't hurry, I prefer playing with the rain.
         Snowflakes are too silent they do not make a sound.
         Rain plinks, plonks, plunks when it bounce bounces off the ground.
         ( 24 lines )
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