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SAMPLE- let me know if you like it so far, I'll add more.
Carolina Grace- 17
-Mom- Debbie Adams- 39
-Sister-Chloe Adams- 14

School: Welch Wood H.S.
Friends: Logan- 17
Kelly- 17

Gabe Penn-17
-Dad-Mark Penn-45
-Mom-Samantha Penn-43

School: Welch Wood H.S.
Friends: Josh- 17

Carolina - One

Logan and I were at our favorite place to go when disasters strike, Ice Cream Ice Cream. It is an ice cream shop that serves around twenty to twenty-five customers daily. All the customers are local, well, most of them. This not-so-secret-hideout has been here since I was nine years old, and I’m seventeen now. If you do the math then it has been here since I was eight. I celebrated so many birthdays here, including my thirteenth birthday. See, the story is, I was supposed to go to a farm for my birthday with my friends, but I begged and begged my mom to change that… So we ended up coming here. Today, Logan and I are here because my older sister is supposed to meet us here for her return from college. She is only staying for three days, which really sucks, I wish she could be here for a longer period of time.

“What are you gonna order?” Logan said while he was staring down our waiter from across the room. He has been doing this for the last week and a half. Our waiter, Gabe, goes to our school, even at school Logan stares at him in the first period. To me it’s just sad, because Logan is gay and I know for a fact that Gabe only likes girls. I don’t tell Logan this, because I don’t want to break his heart.

“I’m probably going to get my usual… You know, the double chocolate chip ice cream cup," I looked at Logan again, he was still staring at him, “Earth to Logan! Do you hear me?” I was laughing because of how hard he was focusing, usually he is all over the place.

“Oh yeah, sorry my bad, I was just-” I cut him off before he could make an excuse.

“I know, you were too busy staring at Gabe over there,” I rolled my eyes at how he was turning red and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. As I was laughing, he threw a toothpick at me and told me to shut up.
When Gabe finally came over, he took our orders, “What can I get for you two today?” He looked up from his notepad, “Oh, hey Carolina. Hey Logan.” His teeth were straight and white. He had a perfect amount of muscle, they weren’t too big and they weren’t too small. Gabe’s hair was straight, which was surprising since his hair is always messy.

“Uh, can I get the double chocolate chip ice cream cup?” I asked. As Gabe wrote down the order Logan was eyeing him down. I kicked him in the leg so he would get the hint to stop, he did, but he kicked me back.

“Okay how about you Logan, what would you like.” Gabe had asked and then smiled at me, which I found kind of weird. I shouldn’t think it was weird though, maybe he was just trying to be friendly… I hope. I smiled back just to be nice, and then Logan finally answered after thinking carefully.

“Can I get the blueberry freeze ice cream cone?” Logan had asked and tried very hard not to look at him, it was obvious. After Gabe had left with a smile. I told Logan that he needs to get a hobby, “I have a hobby!” He laughed and threw another toothpick at me.

“Stocking people is not a hobby,” He looked at me so angrily, but I found it very funny. I laughed so hard, I sounded like an animal. I could tell he was thinking really hard about something again, which made me stop laughing, “What are you thinking about?” I asked.

“Well, I know Gabe doesn’t like guys, so I might as well stop trying. I have an idea though, how about I try to set up a date with you two?” He smiled so big, it scared me. He even shook his head like he was a bobble head, which made me scared too.

“Nope, not going to happen,” I was shaking my head in disagreement.

“What? Why not?” Logan looked at me in disbelief, while I was still shaking my head. I laughed a little, because I found it very funny how he thinks Gabe is going to like me. I mean seriously, he is the best football player in our school, and all the girls like him.

I was about to answer when I heard a familiar voice behind me, “Hey Carolina! Hey Logan!” Chloe, my sister, was walking up behind me. She had on a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans. Her hair was in a messy bun, which I love when she does that, because her face shape goes perfect with it.

“Hey, Bigger me!” I laughed as I said that, because we look alike, or at least that is what everyone else says. I admired my bigger sister, she has always been there for me through my worst and my best. I missed her when she went to college, I cried so much. Now, I look forward to seeing her every moment I can.

“Did you guys order yet?” Chloe had asked, and rubbed her stomach, “I’m starving!” She was wearing makeup, which I believe she doesn’t need, but she insists she wears it. On the other hand I don’t wear makeup, because when I do I break out in a rash.

“Yeah, but our waiter will be back, he is super nice,” Logan was smiling like he had one of his plans. He was shaking his knee which was another thing he does when he thinks.

“Okay well, shall we sit down and talk for a little bit,” Chloe was walking towards the booth when the waiter was coming back, and he looked at me fastly then looked away. I sat down in the corner of the booth, next to my sister.

Gabe had walked up with three ice creams in his hand, ΅I seen you had a friend or something come over here so I thought I would be nice to just bring something extra.” He smiled at me as he put the ice cream down on the table.

“Thank you for the ice cream,” Logan and Chloe started to dig in as soon as he left. With every scoop they put in their mouths, there was a “mmm” to go with it.

As they sat there shoving their mouths I wasn’t feeling so hungry, I was thinking of Gabe. Which I know Logan knew I was since he was looking at me while eating, “So, Carolina likes the waiter…”Logan shot out of his mouth, before I could say anything to deny it, “His name is Gabe and he goes to our school.”

I looked at Chloe who was looking at me with big, bulgy eyes. She had a big smile on her face, I jumped up with a comment before she could say anything, “I’m not looking for anyone to date,” I looked at Gabe from across the room, “Besides he isn’t going to like me. He is the school's best football player and he has a million other girls who like him.” I looked away back at my sister and Logan.

Chloe was the first one to say something, “You should at least try to make an attempt to talk to him. At least do it for Dad, he would want you too.” She put her hand on top of mine and smiled a little weak smile.

I thought about it, “Okay, I will do it.” I smirked a little, which eventually turned into a full blown smile.

“Yay!” Logan was cheesing from ear to ear, he looked more excited than I was. I just hope he doesn’t push at me too hard, because when he gets excited he really gets to be hyper.

As I started to eat my ice cream they had finished theirs, which made me look like a slow eater. I didn’t mind the thought of having a boyfriend, but before I even ask him out I have to get to know him. As soon as I finished eating, Logan rushed me to go talk to him which was “fun”. I glared at him and then looked at Chloe, who was also waiting for me to tell her to get up so I can go over to him. I put my head down and scooted out my seat as Chloe got up out of the booth. I left without a word.

Gabe - Two

I was in the back, getting someone else's order ready, when my coworker, Jack, had told me there was someone at the register who had asked for me. At first I blew it off, “Okay, I will be out there in a minute,” I looked at Jack and he was still standing there.

“Okay, I wouldn’t leave her waiting too long,” he turned around and walked off back to the front of the store.

I didn’t think much of it until a couple minutes later. I jogged up to the front, patted Jack on the back and asked him to take over for my shift.

“Yeah, sure man!” He turned around now facing me and smirked. I knew he had done something.

I took my apron off and looked up and saw straight brown hair and beautiful green eyes. I smiled as soon as I walked out the back of the counter, “Hey, you wanted to talk to me?” I was kind of in shock, because it seemed like she wasn’t interested in me.

“Yeah, I was just going to ask if you finished your English homework?” She turned a little red and smiled.

“Actually, no, I don’t think I did it yet, ” I knew I had to get it done, so hopefully I can do it tonight or tomorrow morning.

“Oh, I didn’t do mine either. I was wondering if you would like to work together?” She had the prettiest smile, which of course, brightened the whole room.

“Sure, I would like to. Is there any certain time we can get together to do the work?” I was super excited, I honestly couldn’t believe that she wanted to hang out with me. I’d be so happy to finally hang out with a girl who wasn’t drooling over the thought of me talking to them.

“Anytime is fine, is there any time you want to do the work?” She was sweet to ask that.

Since my schedule is always busy with football practice, school and work. I thought about tonight since I already asked Jack to take over. I could just go home and chill and then I could go and do some school work, “Would later tonight work?” I asked hoping it would.

“Yeah sure, that sounds fine,” She was about to walk away, but I had to stop her.

“Uh, I don’t have your number, so I won't know where you live, unless you want to study here.” I said as she turned back around to face me.

“Oh umm, can we meet here at six o’clock?” She had asked and I agreed.

I watched her walk gracefully to her friends and they exited the door. As I sat there looking back at the booth I imagined her and me sitting there focusing on work. Of course, I’ll do something dumb just to try to make her laugh. As I finally snapped back to reality, I went to the back remembering I forgot my jacket. When I left the ice cream shop, I walked to my car and rode home. On my way home I turned on the radio and listened to the music that was playing, it was a newer song called “If The World Was Ending”, by Julia Michaels. It sounded kind of sad, but it was a love song. It was catchy and good, I tried to remember the song and I eventually forgot the lyrics. I was pulling into the garage when my phone rang. I couldn’t see who it was since I was driving, so I let it ring and eventually it stopped.

Walking up to the front door my phone had rung again, this time I was able to answer it, “Hello?”

I heard the voice I hear everyday, it was my mom, “Hey Honey, I’m going to be working late tonight, so I probably won’t be home until you are sleeping.”

“Okay, I will probably be up, because I have to study with someone from school,” I laughed at myself, because I was so happy to finally talk to Carolina. The funniest part is that she is very smart and I’m the total opposite.

“Oh, is it a girl?” Mom sounded happy, she perked up fast.

I wanted her to be happy so I told her, “well, yeah it is. It’s actually someone I have liked for such a long time. She was at the ice cream shop today and I was serving them, so I got to talk to her, and we eventually set up a time to study together.” I smiled and took my keys out my pocket while I was holding the phone between my face and shoulder.

“That is so good, I can’t wait to meet her,” She sounded excited, but I laughed really hard when she had made that last comment.

“We aren’t studying at home, we are working at Ice Cream Ice Cream, but I could bring her over to meet you.” I was grinning ear to ear at the thought of her and my mom baking cookies together or at them getting along.

“Okay, I will try to get off work early so I can meet her,” She laughed, “Okay, well I got to go, bye love you.

“Bye, love you too,” As I took the phone out from under my ear, I finally went inside the house. As soon as I opened the door I thought about making something to eat, like macaroni. I set down my car keys on the counter, and I went to the pantry. I grabbed the macaroni and cheese box and then went to the fridge and grabbed the butter, milk and some extra slices of cheese. I started to make some macaroni. Later, when it was done, I sat down at the kitchen table and I started to eat.


I had no clue what had happened, but I woke up on the couch to a siren on the TV. I probably fell asleep after I got done eating. I looked at the time and I freaked out, it was 6:30 P.M., I was late, “Crap!” I jumped off of the couch and I ran to the door, where my jacket and my shoes were. I stumbled to get my shoes on, when I finally got them on, I left… But then I came back, because I forgot my keys and my textbooks. After I got all of my stuff, I officially left. While I was in the car, I didn’t turn on the radio, I was in too much of a rush. I was thankful enough that the ice cream shop isn’t that far from my house. It took twelve minutes to get there.

As soon as I parked the car, I grabbed my textbooks and scrambled out the car. Hoping she was still there, I took a deep breath and walked inside. I scanned the room looking for her, I didn’t see her at first. Finally, I spotted her at the counter. As soon as she turned around I saw her hands, she was holding two ice cream cups. I couldn't see what was in them, “Hey, Carolina!” I shouted across the room, luckily no one heard me, but her, it was too loud anyway.

“Hey, I thought you wouldn't make it,” She smiled, “I got us ice cream. I don’t know what you like so I got the basics.” Carolina scooted the cup to me.

“I like anything chocolate, so I guess you got lucky,” I said as I looked down at the cup and saw the chocolate ice cream with white sprinkles.

“Okay, well are you ready to study, or do you just want to talk about interests and hobbies first?” She asked and smirked, Carlina was sitting with her hands crossed and her books were piled neatly.
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