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Twist on Jack And The Beanstalk for Fantasy Unravelled Contest

Jack be quick and climb the beanstalk. to discover what’s aloft
What mystery and characters do you seek. or something very unique to see
Something barked, something squawked, something flamed. something talked
Wow, what’s this Jack certainly exclaimed. who are you what’s your name

a dog, a dragon, a bird, and inventor. who were circling put Jack in the center
gathered together this was something new. and jack thought that he was through
precious treasure or huge human expected. what can I do he interjected
but this is a surprise he excitedly exclaimed. and hoped that they were very tame

How to find the who of the matter, what the inventor. a mad hatter
Seeing the creatures and figure there. Jack thought best to beware
offering food and drink and making amends. Jack quickly made great new friends
The treasure he helped to sort and move, and now they were completely in the grove

Why do this he said and they replied, it’s for love and joy answering with pride
for the future, we gift these wonderful things, gems, gold, very precious rings
There is enough to go around, so that peace and love can be always found
Why this is very amazing to me, and I can do it with you for sure. you’ll see

To thwart the evil in this land. I will extend my strong helping hand
Love and peace will surely overcome, and the evil will soon succumb
a great world this will certainly be. and many will eventually see
giving and helping is the best, for peace and love and much-needed rest



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