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Jack and His Magic Beans
Jack traded Bossie for beans that were magic,
Which to his mother defied all logic.
She threw the beans into their garden plot,
Hoping they would grow something, besides diddly-squat.

The next morning Jack found a gargantuan beanstalk,
That appeared to have stair up which he could walk.
Hoping to meet a giant face-to-face,
Jack ascended the beanstalk staircase.

When he got to the top all he found,
Was a colossal abandoned town,
He ambled through the streets looking for gold,
All he found was piles of saffron mold.

Outside the city was a yellow brick road,
Jack followed it to a witches abode,
The ginger bread house looked quite tasty,
He took a bite that tasted zesty.

Before he finished eating the entire house,
The witch turned him into a little gray mouse,
She transported him back to his bed,
Where he woke up with an ache and knot on his head.

Did it really happen or was it a dream,
Jack's mother entered the room and let out a scream,
Jack looked in the mirror and a mouse face looked back,
Jack can't leave his house because he looks like a cat snack.

Line Count: 24
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