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Asperger's - causes difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication.
I walked into the classroom. The door slammed behind me. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Everyone is staring. The nerve of these people. The teacher pointed me to my seat and I all but ran to it, anxious to get the extra eyes off me. I opened my book and let my long black hair fall around my face, creating a wall around me.
"So we have a new student with us today," The teacher started,my face went bright red, "Bailey, would you please come to the front of the room and tell the class something about yourself?" OMG! Did I hear her right? What is this 2nd grade!?
"Um... O-okay" I finally stuttered out.
"What was that, honey?" She leaned forward as if to add effect.
"Er, FINE!" I yelled. Oops, maybe that was to loud. Mrs. Basie kind of blinked and walked over to her desk where she busied herself writing something. Hopefully a detention slip. That will get me out of pe.
I went to get out of my seat, and guess what. I fell. On my face. Painfully. I quickly got up and brushed myself off. What was that loud noise? I held my breath and counted to push the tears back into my face. I got to ninety-one before I was okay again. I made my way to the front of the classroom without looking at anything. There still was a blurry fog over my eyes due to the crying. That's what the loud noise was? Laughing?
This. Is. To. Much.
I made a run for it out of the classroom. I didn't know the halls yet so I made guessed turns to the exit. I rushed out the door and across the court yard. Now I was at the highway.
Wait a minute... I don't know where Im at. What do I do. What do I do. I made my way to the side of a dumpster and sat there, curled myself into a ball and rocked back and forth. I counted. I was at four thousand and ninety-six before my big brother of twenty-four pulled me into his car and I was taken home.
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