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If Bella chose Jacob instead of Edward
I laid in bed and thought hard. I know I love Edward. But I also love Jacob. What do I do?
Edward is on a hunting trip today so he wont stay the night tonight, this is my only chance to think about this. I know their going to make me chose, even if they don't say it straight forward. Pro's to Edward: sexy, can read minds, (overly) protective, kind. Pro's to Jacob: also sexy, hot (literally), funny, has never left me, also doubles as a mans best friend. Ugh this is to much.
I felt my eyelids get heaver with sleepiness, and I finally gave in. I know who I want to spend my life with. I want grow old and have a child and I want to be with Jacob, as a human

I was woken by Edward nudging my shoulder.
"Bella, charlies on his way up so I've got to go."
"when did you get here?"
"Around 3:00"
"Oh,okay, I've got to get ready for school anyway"
Edward left

My phone rang
"Bella?" It was Alice
"Um, yes?"
"Why are you going to leave Edward?" She sounded furious "You know how sad it'll make him! And us, what about me? Huh? You were planning on just dropping us like that?"
"Al-alice, don't you want me to be happy? We can't be together unless I become a vampire and I don't want that. Im not just doing this for me, If i don't want to turn into a vampire then I will grow old while Edward doesn't. He's going to go to the Voltaire once I die of old age. If I leave him now, he'll have time to find a vampire mate so he'll be happy and wont kill himself when I die. Plus, I love Jacob too. Don't you care for my happiness?"
Alice hung up on me! Ugh!
Well time to go see Jacob.

I drove my red truck down to the reservation and I saw Jake before he saw me. He was standing at the edge of the lake looking out to the water. I sneaked up behind him and hugged his back. He laughed, obviously knowing it was me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me in front of him.
"Well, hello" He chuckled.
"I chose you Jake. Only you." I said.
Realization crossed his smiling face and he pulled me into a kiss.
"Bella," He mummered against my lips.
We were ment to be.

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