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I have remembered the souls who once came to WDC. This is for them.
There are days when I sit alone, powered by blind desire
There are days when I cry alone and wonder why I'm here
I believe in fate and destiny as I count down every hour
I see the darkness cover me but deny it's winning power.

I bet you have days when nothing makes much sense
Don't you try to fight it or waste your precious time
Watch the birds feed from your garden and sit upon the fence
Think of flowers and the beauty of all life, as I make your sorrow mine.

Smile in the shadow of downtrodden, dirty days
Just let the rainfall hit you and wash away your tears
I understand your suffering and your loss in certain ways
You're alone in the darkness, just sitting there for years.

Don't be afraid of death, for that is just the start
The afterlife is waiting and my dear, it's just sublime
The more you fight the harder it gets, remember life is all but art
I will walk beside you as we watch all others shine.

This poem is for the forgotten, lost in time alone
I feel your heartbeat whimper as it loses all its power
This poem is for the lonely, forsaken by life and time
I hold your hand so close to me, there is hope for a better hour.

I have noted everyone standing all alone
I have cried for all your tears and have not forgotten a soul
I have my inspirations as I sit on a heavenly throne
I remember all your hearts beating slow for all.

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