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by david
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Cultural · #2250739
Abbie talks to a stranger
Abbie talks to a stranger at the beach.
Since she was 5 it has only been Abbie and her
Mother Stephanie against the world.
When her Father left Abbie was told
to never talk to strangers.
One crisp day in August Stephanie and Abbie
went to the beach.
Stephanie lay down on a towel and took a nap.
Abbie played close by.
She was an imaginative child and was quite happy
playing her favourite game "Fairies and Princesses"
in the sand, all by herself. She even built the
Princess's Castle out of sand.
After a while Abbie heard a strangers voice.
She knew she wasn't supposed to talk to strangers
But she did anyway.
"You must be little Abbie. You probably don't
remember me.It doesn't matter now. You must be about 8.
So you certainly have grown up to be a beautiful Princess.
I remember that was your favourite game.
It seems a very short time ago when you were born.
I waited up through the night with your mother.
She was overdue and I guess you didn't want to
come into the world.I don't blame you it can be a scary place.
Your Mum started screaming so we went to the hospital.
I was only young man. I didn't know anything about
babies or childbirth or any of that.
the Doctors told me to wist outside.
I jsut sat there wondering what was going on.
Then in the morning you were born kicking and screaming.
You sure was a baby full of life.
I held you in my arms and wept to see such a beautiful sight.
The nurses thought I was crazy but I had never
held a baby before let alone my own.
I touched your little nose and said hello to you even
though I knew you couldn't understand.
When we took you home I tried to be a good Father,
But me and your Mum didn't get along really.
We fought all the time and she asked me to leave."
Abbie answered the voice."I don't have a Father he
left us alone.I don't remember him."
Iguess your Mum didn't say very nice things about me.
Still I loved you so much. I still do.
It ripped my heart out to leave you. I remember so
many things about you.
How you used to run in the park and jump puddles.
You used to talk to your toys as if they were real.
I remember your favourite teddy bear William and
how you scolded him when he was naughty.
Abbie answered again "William went to heaven"
Stephanie looks up but it was Abbie by herself.
"Who were you talking to Abbie.How many times
have I told you don't talk to strangers they are evil
and they will fill your head with dangerous thoughts.
Now pack up we need to go home at once."

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