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Brain Dead
I glided weightlessly across the ice rink. Nothing, nothing beats the feeling of ice skating. I was lost in thought while skating and closed my eyes and help my arms out at my sides.

Suddenly something was thrown in front of my skates and I was thrown forward. I handed hard and painfully. Ow! Fuck! Someone threw a soaking wet towel from the locker room in my way.

Now Im soaked and freezing.

I looked up to catch a gimps of Avery and her boyfriend, Chad, ducking out of the rinks exit door.

My face burned red with fury and I skated to the bench where I traded my skates for shoes and ran out after them.
They were walking down the ally that we had to walk down to get to the parking lot.

"Hey!" I called furious. They swerved around. Chad looked scared that they where caught but Avery looked snide like usual.

"Oh, hey Lillian. I can you believe that they said someone is sneaking into the Rink after hours? I wonder who it could be," She scoffed," Chad, baby, why don't you go sit in the car and wait for me to Finnish talking to my bestie, K?" She continued.

Could she be any more fake? Chad left, leaving me and Medusa alone.

"Why do you mess with me? I have done nothing to you!"

"Of course you did something, bitch." She yelled at me, her words echoed off the narrow walls of the ally. I took a few steps closer to her until we were only a few feet apart.

"Like what?" I asked trying to look bored with the conversation.

"Manny! How could you forget? I loved him and you took him." She said.

"What? I didn't even know yall were dating until he had already asked me out. That was not my fault. Plus, you treated Manny like a slave, just like you will with Chad!" I yelled at her. This was getting out of hand. I'm tired of her tormenting me.

"Huh... your a slut, just like Sarah was! No wonder she was kidnapped! She couldn't keep her nose out of everyone business." She knew just how to wound me. Sarah. My sister. Kidnapped. Last year. I saw red.

"How Dare You!" I screamed. I reached out to shove her but my hands never touched her, she just flew backwards and she was held there mid-air against the ally wall. I guess the impact knocked her out. I dropped her back to the ground where she just laid there out cold.
I screamed and stumbled back pulling my hands to my chest. How? What? Was that me? I blacked out.

I woke up in a hospitable room. What the?

"M-manny?" I said, my vision was still foggy.
A hand clasped mine.

"Lillian? Thank god, your awake." He smiled worriedly at me. Fact: I love him, I just haven't said it out loud yet.

"What happened?"

"Chad, you know, Avery's new boyfriend, found you and Avery passed out in an ally." He started then paused for a minute. "We guessed someone attacked yall after Chad left. Do you remember anything?" He asked looking intensely into my eyes. His shaggy brown hair was falling over onto his forehead as he looked down at me.

"Um, no" I lied. I remembered it all.

"Well, Im just glad you woke up, Avery's been in a coma since we found her. She's brain dead. The doctors said she's not going to wake up. Apparently, she hit her head somehow." He said grimly. Oh my gosh. I never meant to hurt her.

"Were just happy you finally woke up. We didn't know if you were in a coma to."

"Can you take me back to my dorm?" I asked fighting tears at what I had done.
Im dangerous. I can be around anyone. I can't hurt Manny. When I get home I know what I have to do to keep every one safe.

I need to run away.

The car ride was long and silent. Manny occasionally glanced my way but no other interaction was made. My Manny, my beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, big hearted Manny.

I'm going to miss him so much, so, so much. After tonight, I'll never see his heart wrenching smile, or his goofy chuckle. I'm doing this for his own safety. I think he know I'm upset about something because he just know's me that well. I love him. I don't think I'll ever get to telling him that though.

"Lillian, what's wrong?" He asked me look surprised. Had I said any of that stuff out loud?

"'Nothing" I answered maybe to quickly.
He reached over and touched something wet under my cheek but said nothing more because I accidentally flinched when he touched me.

He got out of the car when we got home and opened my door. He no longer pushed to find out why I was upset he just made sure I got to my dorm room safely before he pecked me quick on the forehead and turned to leave. I knew this would be the last time I see him, but he dill not.

"Manny!" I called before he even got halfway down the hallway. He turned and smiled his crooked smile at me with a questioning look.
I ran into him and pressed my lips to his like I was water and he was drowning. Yes, you heard me right, that's how dangerous I am for him, but I kissed him all the same.

He stood stiff and surprised at first and then wrapped his arms around my wast and kissed me back with an equal amount of passion.
I pulled back first, gasping for air. Manny looked at me and smiled.

"So does this mean your not mad at me anymore?" He asked jokingly.

"What? No, baby, I was never mad at you... j-just upset about what happened to Avery." I lied. I couldn't tell him why I was really sad. He nodded, still confused because he knew how much I disliked her.

"You should go, Manny." I said and I stepped out of his arms and into my room shutting the door without looking at him again.
It's time. I waited until I heard his car pull out of the parking lot before I took action with teary eye's.
I pulled my empty suitcase out from under my bed and started throwing my clothes in, leaving any dressy stuff that I'll never need on the road.

I continued packing my toiletries and anything else like that I might need. Finally, I pulled the last bit of money I had saved up in the jar on my desk and threw it in the bag as well.

I'm so glad I don't share a dorm room with anyone or this would have been hard to explain. I pulled the full suitcase off the bed and It hit the side table knocking over my lamp.
I reached out one hand to catch it but I wasn't fast enough.

But lamp never hit the ground. My hand was up in mid air and the lamp was floating like it thought gravity was a joke.

Once again surprised by what ever this was, I screamed and jumped back pulling my hand away. Down went the lamp.

With that, I grabbed my suitcase and ran out, terrified and shaking. I jumped in my car and took off to no place in particular.

I guess we'll see where I end up.
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