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Dynamics science leads a bright CalTech professor to a discovery about organic diagrams!
Professor Satan looked at his current notes at CalTech and began to wonder of he'd made serious progress regarding the proliferation of binary systems into track asymmetrical systems of multiple parallel systems of values greater than 2 or 3! He wondered if his theoretical work at CalTech truly generated any applicaple models for geology or evolutionary zoology that could be referenced or cited in professional discussions or journals exploring the diversification of organics applicable dot-systems or dot-matrix sets. After all, Dr. Satan had already received much funding and support from scientific institutions like Salk and Scripps which appreciated his attempts at creating dynamic models of applied matrix harmonics.

PROFESSOR SATAN: I'm still seeking a program for optimal organic diagonals.

Satan believed however that he'd found something truly special in a recording of dolphin sounds taken from Scripps. From this element derived set recording of disparate dolphin echolocation sounds taken from dolphins mating or fighting with sharks, Professor Satan believed he'd been able to derive a complete dot system graph describing the nonlinear progression of entropic phonons creating a distinct dichotomy between frequency or clustering and disarray or amplitude. From this comparison graph, Dr. Satan was able to theorize various model sea system behavioral organizations relevant to organic decision making robustness.

PROFESSOR SATAN: I shall call this work the Sea Leviathan.

This CalTech paper won Dr. Satan the long deserved Nobel Prize (in theoretical biophysics). He accepted his award and delivered his speech to the Nobel audience at CalTech, noting that his special evolution relevant or applicable discovery would offer great and imaginative contributions to organic life inquiries regarding the mathematical and physical signatures of real or observed system behaviors, such as those of endangered dolphins. His wife, an administrator at CalTech kissed and congratulated her challenged scientist husband and reminded the audience that they'd been fortunate to have profited from the beautiful mind of a truly unique American doctor.

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