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Ah... the bees are buzzing and talking about nectar... and trying to ignore me.
Early Spring in Sapulpa

If those grape hyacinths won't stop interrupting...

The daffodils want our attention.

I'm looking for purple henbit.

Anyone find a dandelion yet?

I saw some down the alley. Go west, take a left south. Old Henry hasn't noticed them yet.

Always treating our food like trash.

We don't eat grass.

I don't either.

But you steal our honey.

You're too young to know that!

The hive remembers.

We listen to stories.

We tell stories.

That red spot on you shirt sure smells sweet. Let me look closer.

Not too close he's waving his hand!

Be careful.

Be wary.

Be a bee.

Yes, be a bee and behave. Now, do you need your back scratched?


Heaven forbid.

If you promise not to be rough ... ah ... that felt good.

Well, it looks like rain. Time for me to pick this pink tulip and take it home.

Can we follow?



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