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For Dialogue 500 June 2021
"Wilson, Wilson, Wilson! You simply don't get it chap. I've been couped up in this God- forsaken shelter since April of 2020. The only person I have to talk to is you and you want to act like a total idiot. I know you are smart enough to understand that racism is going to continue to be an issue as long as we keep dividing ourselves into categories. I'm African-American. I'm Asian-American! I'm Native American! I'm this. I'm that. Why can't we quit attaching labels and just be human?

What the hell do you mean by saying crap like "I think we should have a Pacific Islander, Asian American History month, a Native American History Month, a this month, and a that month to "show our cultural differences, but we should not have racism? Don't you see that highlighting our differences only fuels racism? Are you really that naive, Wilson? I think you've gone off the deep end with a weight around your neck!

What? Are you serious? Come on. You don't really believe that load of dung do you? How could anybody believe it is okay to scream about our cultural differences and at the same time complain because people focus on the differences? You can't have it both ways! Wilson, Wilson, Wilson! You're going to drive me insane!
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