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A few of my life lessons in a nutshell.

A Malinda Miles thought for today.

No matter what life throws your way, you will not succumb if you genuinely believe in God.

No matter what road you have traveled to this point in your life, God is still waiting to welcome you into his fold.

No matter what people have told you or said about you, you are still valuable and worthy in God's sight.

No matter your skin color or ethnic background, you are still one of God's unique creations.

No matter how long you have been struggling, you should know that God has and will continue to be there with you.

No matter your financial condition, you are not alone and will survive because your financial situation does not define you. God does.

No matter how you feel about yourself, your thoughts and emotions are yours, and they will only change when YOU decide to change them. God put you in control of both of those even though you are constantly blasted with other people's opinions, edicts, preferences, and desires.

You and your faith in God and yourself will get you through life, may not as you envision your life or your success, but as God has deemed it.

You do not have to settle for where you are, but you do have to do something about where you are IF you seek to change your position in life.

You do not know everything, but you can learn anything if that is your desire and passion.

None of us come into this world fully capable of caring for ourselves, but we come with those instincts and abilities to train to adapt, create, take on, and put into use to form the person we will become.

If you are still reading, thank you for the final thought in this message is that it is not too late to rethink your position, change your direction, or continue the course you have already chosen. Your success or failure is truly up to you, AND success for YOU is how YOU decide to define it.

Just remember, as you move forward in your quest for your success, the people you meet going up the ladder of success will also be the people you meet on your way down.

Peace and blessings always.
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