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“A scarf? You’re worried I’ll be cold?” A Daily Flash Fiction Winner
A Mother’s Concerns

Staring into the inkiness of the forest, he felt his eyes dilate and the darkness fade. He slowly turned his head, picking up the scent of fear. He began to move, his jaws tightening, pulling his face into a feral smile.

William woke up screaming.

“What’s wrong?” his mother asked, rushing in.

“It was… just a dream.” Running his hands over his face, he winced. Slowly unclenching his fist, he saw an angry welt as though someone had carved runes into his flesh.

Rosemary rushed over, grabbing his wrist. She crossed herself. “It’s a pentagram. I was afraid of this,” she whispered.

“Afraid?“ William interrupted.

“Hush!” she commanded. “We don’t have much time. When I was pregnant, I visited relatives in Hungary and was bitten by a wild dog. They brought me to an elder who put a protection spell on me. She warned that it might not extend to my unborn child.”

Billy stared, mouth agape. “That’s crazy. Are you saying …”

“Yes! You’re a werewolf! You will turn soon. You can control the most violent urges that come over you. Avoid all people. Only hunt animals. When you change back, return as quickly as you can.” She sighed. “I’m your Mother and together, we will deal with this.”

Billy began stumbling toward the door as he felt himself begin to change, his bones stretching, doubling him in pain.

Where do you think you’re going? You’re not ready yet,” she said, rushing to the closet. She brought out a scarf and tied it around his neck.

“A scarf? All this and you’re worried I’ll be cold?”

Rosemary smiled. “When you change back you’ll be alone… and naked. This will keep you from getting arrested for indecent exposure! We can’t have the neighbors talking!”

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An entry for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that includes the phrase: “Where do you think you’re going?”
Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 297
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