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Scenes from a quiet courtship
Words Aren’t Necessary

Derek opened his mouth to speak, but the words jammed up in his throat as a flood of emotion overwhelmed him. He blinked back tears, and tried to compose himself. This was the most important night of his life, and he wanted to get it right. For Liz’s sake, he wanted to get everything right – today, tomorrow, and for the rest their lives.

* * * * * * * * * *

Everyone who heard it agreed. Their meet-cute story was one of the best ever. The city water department had torn up the corner of Fifth and Main to repair a leaking fire hydrant. The sidewalk barricade left only a single-file path around the corner. Liz and Derek, walking while looking at the workmen, had stepped into each other’s arms as naturally as though it had been a choreographed dance move.

Derek hadn’t believed in love at first sight, but he found himself mesmerized by the petite brunette who was suddenly gazing up at him with startled brown eyes. He was holding onto Liz’s trim waist with his right hand, and her right hand was clasped in his left. Her left hand rested on his right shoulder as if they were waiting for the first notes of a ballroom dance competition.

Liz looked up at the handsome, six-foot man in front of her and smiled. She should have been pulling back in alarm, but there was something about him. The kind, open face and the laugh lines around his striking blue eyes made him seem like an old friend. He looked so right that she felt perfectly safe in his strong, muscular arms. The sandy blonde hair and broad shoulders were exactly what she liked in a man.

Derek returned her smile without speaking, and began a series of twirls that led them to a wider section of sidewalk with more room to dance. Liz followed his lead gracefully, surprised by the lighthearted joy she felt in their movements. She wasn’t usually the spontaneous type, but today she let herself go without inhibition. It was rare to run into a man who could dance. Derek improvised steps for a couple of minutes and was elated when Liz responded in turn, matching his every move. He was already falling in love with the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Several pedestrians had stopped to watch the impromptu dance routine, and reacted to their two-person flash mob with cheers and applause. Derek still didn’t speak, he merely gestured toward a nearby coffee shop and raised his eyebrows in quiet invitation. Liz just nodded, not wanting to break the silent spell.

* * * * * * * * * *

The courtship wasn't completely silent. The young lovers spoke, when necessary, but it seemed as though the need seldom arose. They felt as though they knew each other from that first moment on the corner. There was little need for small talk, and no need at all for talk that merely filled the empty spaces. Their mostly silent language of looks and gestures was a testament to the strength of their emotional bond.

They grew even closer as the months passed. Liz had been waiting her whole life for a man who could lead without getting in the way. Derek was delighted to have found not only his match, but an inspiration. They were simply made for each other - like yin and yang, or two jigsaw puzzle pieces that could only fit together.

* * * * * * * * * *

Liz looked up from the remains of her dessert, struck by a sudden intuition. She saw the struggle going on across the table, but remained silent, not wanting to spoil the moment with unnecessary words. She was already nodding even as Derek cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak . . .

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