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We swore an oath... 🏆 First Place: Honoring Our Veterans June 2021
Traitors In Our Midst

No one can honor veterans more
than those of us who’ve served
and lived the hardships found in war;
our allegiance never swerved.

We swore an oath on our first day
our country to defend
and even after all these years
our obligation doesn’t end.

I watched with anger and with dread
as a mob marched to the Hill.
“They’re patriots,” their leader said
as they shouted, “Hang and kill.”

Videos and reports both
show veterans there, I see.
Ignored, forgotten was their oath
to defend democracy.

No one can honor veterans more
than brothers, that is true.
But violate the oath you swore -
there’s no honor left in you.

You’ve given up your right to stand
with pride alongside me.
You’re now someone without a land -
a traitor’s all I see.

To those whose hearts have remained true
even when you don’t agree,
these hallowed words I leave with you:
Duty. Honor. Country.

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An entry for the June round of "HONORING OUR VETERANS
Prompt: None.
Form: End Rhyme abab
Line Count: 28

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