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by zeal
Rated: XGC · Fiction · Erotica · #2252526
an difirent take on the big sister witch type interactives
a foot fetish/paw fetish. femdom. giantess. shrinking interactive

One of my more messed up ideas, a variation on the big sister is a witch and uses her magic on you because you annoyed her, in this version first we have many options for the main character, all of them younger siblings, from 5 to 11 years old( yes, this is the messed up part), who after disturbing their sister one times too many get punished, by begin given as toys/slaves/pets for the magical patrons/mentors/acquaintances of their sisters

of course said magical patrons/mentors/acquaintances are anthro, and in this case women, sorry, i tried to think of male acquaintances/mentors/patrons but no idea came

there would have two models of storylines in this interactive, the basic one where the main character gets teleported to the magical begin`s domain, and a more complex one where the main character will see themselves thrust into many different alternative reality scenarios where they end up arriving at the domain in a more organic, story-like way

I based this occult universe on a lot of different media, among them: Cthulhu mythos, Dresden files, cultist simulator, the world of darkness, chronicles of darkness

originally i remember that i came up with 5, but sadly i only remember 3

edition: i have come up with two more doms
the choices for dom:

1: camatoz: a bat demi-goddess, she is one of the most powerful of the patrons i created, a
extremely powerful, ancient \(and vain)sorceress of a bat-like demon/magical entity species, her dominion is an Aztec style temple that is bigger on the inside, with other members of her species as servants, many sacrificial(recreational ) altars, mirrors, among other things.

her appearance is of a 2,5 meters tall ebony furred anthro bat, with 6 limbs in total, two arms, two legs, and two wings, she has three red eyes on her face, golden jewelry consists of most of her clothing, leaving her muscular, lean body almost bare, her fur is silky, she is always barepawed/barefoot( her feet are human-like, but with fur and very sharp toe-claws). with golden anklets

she is vain, sadistic, arrogant, prideful, ambitious, clever, and can be genuinely loyal to the very few she calls friends

she would be possibly the most sadistic dom, shrinking, crushing, trambling, humiliating, and swallowing our main character, who would always be revived by her

her special storylines are:

school trip: our main character finds himself awakening to a seemingly normal day, going to their regular school, they discover that their class is going on a school trip to an Aztec temple in Mexico, no one seems to find strange the fact that the school somehow got enough money to pay for such a trip.

at the temple as soon as they enter the door, the entrance closes, and the whole class finds themselves in a game of cat and mouse with the inhabitants of the pyramid, this would be a story where the servants of camatoz would get some love too and other characters besides our main character would get dominated

New goddess: our main character would wake up, like any other day, but at 12:00, a huge pyramid would emerge from the ground in front of the city, with its height reaching the Stratosphere. soon the owner of the temple would appear in a flash of blood-red light, a mountain-sized bat goddess, she would demand a yearly sacrifice of the most pathetic person of the whole town, and guess who is going to be the first one

there would be more storylines of course, especially for main characters of Latin heritage, but these are the basic ones

2: Levinia: a Lovecraft inspired ghoul, so she is not undead, but looks like an emaciated, furless, dog-like creature who eats corpses, she resides on an underworld, a place where creatures of death reside, different from most of the other characters on the list, she would be friendly but mischevious , wanting the friend/pet deal rather than a slave/toy, some storylines with her even could possibly be more story-focused than that of the other characters, while she is much weaker than the likes of camatoz, she is not to be messed with, not only having titanic strength, speed, and durability but having geist the sin eaters inspired powers and the capacity to control ghosts and corpses

sadly she is one of the two doms i have not managed to think of specific story-lines

3:shesa: a 3 meters tall light purple anthro snake demi-goddess, eternal rival of camatoz, she is benevolent and wise but can be pretty playful, she would be one of the more gentle of the doms, maybe even having the most fluff scenarios, she is the ruler of a small city of magical creatures of many different species, she wears a multi-colored dress that normally obscures her lean bare paws/feet, she is pretty ticklish, her concept is partially Hindu naga inspired

once again i failed to think of specific storylines for her

4:sobrak: an emerald green crocodile demoness, a brutal and violent chief of a group of 7 mighty mercenaries, the sister hires her as a bodyguard semi-regularly, she is 7 meters tall and wears bone armor made from the bones of her dead rivals, has 17 different weapons inside a pocket dimension, has four arms and 4 tails, less sadistic than camatoz but not by much, but at least is much less powerful, she has a sexual urge for violence and dominating those weaker than her

i have managed to think of only one specific scenario for her

Passed Around: the main character will be forced to serve all of the members of the group, one per day, i will list the others members of the group...eventually

5 :archan: the eldritch abomination of the doms, well, more like animalistic abomination but you get what i am mean, an entity of a race of god/demon-like begins far, far older than the current universe, she is one of the few members of her species still alive and is by far the most powerful of the characters in this interactive

she resembles a 3 meters tall anthro mix of a Doberman, and crocodile, and a snake, her skin/scales are crimson red, she has four bat-like white wings and two shorth black horns

she is calm, shy. slow to trust, she can be genuinely kind but canĀ“t help but feel sexual pleasure in humiliating less powerful begins
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