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What being in a poly relationship can sometimes feel like.
         Sometimes jealousy tries to get the best of me. It rears its ugly head, taps me on the shoulder, and whispers things in my ear ... " He doesn't need you", " You won't ever compare", " They do it better "...

         Words that I know are untrue, yet at times flicker through my brain as quickly as lightning. ..And just like lightning, they strike and can burn quite painfully. It tries to make me forget the truth. Twisting and turning my emotions..playing on my insecurities.

         But what jealousy doesn't know, is that it can only become as strong as I let it. The words can't linger when I remind it how he does indeed need me. How it doesn't matter if " she" or " they" can do things that I cannot, or do them differently, because well, we are ! different. There is nothing to compare since we are different people, each with our own blessings and talents to offer. That there is no need or room for jealousy to stay because we are each uniquely special.

         So, on the days that I cannot be there...the days I am unable to help but want to, and wish and would... the errands I might not be able to run, the cleaning and cooking I am unable to do, the times you are ill and I am unable to tuck you in, to the kisses I am not there to give.. know that I will be there to make you laugh *Heart* I will check on you through calls and texts, do what I can from wherever I am at to help - send you pictures and stories, and do all the little things that I can! do :) And most of all, I will be grateful and thankful and relieved that there is someone with you who can *Heart*
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