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“I don’t like it here.” Spoken with trembling words.
The darkness and quiet blanketed the room. Silence replied to the stammering breathing. Alone, frightened, and remaining a statue, time ticked second by second as the night stretched forth more blackness.

“I don’t like it here.” This time there was movement. “I don’t like it here. Let me out!”

Footsteps thundered toward the noise. Whispers of concern emanated from those on their way to the pleading voice “I don’t like it here.”

Making entry they shown a lantern in the direction of the bed.

“I don’t like it here.” echoed and bounced about the walls. “I don’t like it here.”

“There’s nobody here” Stunned and astounded, “I’m sure this room is vacant, but the voice?”

“Ya know mate before you bought this facility we told you it was haunted.” He said as he crossed his arms.

“I think I’ll sell this hotel and find another to buy far from here,” he said as he wrapped his arms around his wife. “We’ll be moving away tomorrow.”

“Thank you, dear. I did tell you yesterday I don’t like it here.”

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