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Revenge is sweet. THE PROMPT ME CONTEST
This is scary. I do’no, what is in this darkness. I’m not a goin’ in there no matter what. She thought as he crossed to the window and looked out to see if her friend had arrived yet. Come on Nancy, I can’t wait here forever. You’re always late. When I need you, you have an excuse. Glaring as she looked around the musty and unkempt room with the covered furniture, she thought she heard something. It sounded odd as if it were far away yet it seemed to be emanating from the dark blackness below.

Taking in a deep exasperated breath she crossed the room again and peered into the blackness that if she went into it, would swallow her it seemed forever. ”I better not try it alone.” she whispered. too quietly. ” Nancy should behave any minute.” Her slight smile wained as the wind blew and rustled the items down below. She shivered and moved quickly away from the dark as it seemed to reach out to her. “I’ve got to get outside and wait for Nancy. It makes sense.” With a shaking hand, she opened the door and found that the sun was lower and the sky was grey.

Sitting on the wooden steps her father had built a long time ago brought fond memories of this house to her. As she daydreamed many happy days flashed before her. Her mind focused on the details. Startled by the sound of a vehicle, she popped out of her thoughts. Finally, Nancy had arrived, but by this time it was dark.

“What’s so important that you have to drag me away from a party?” Nancy stood stiff and looked so disappointed. “We’re friends but couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow.?”

Fran looked deeply into Nancies' eyes. “No, Nancy this is important.” She stepped closer. “I have to get some important papers out of our basement…you know…those papers?” She stood as tall as possible. Crossing her arms she waited for a reply.

“OK, let’s get this over with. Couldn’t you have done this without me?”

As she made her eyes wide, she deliberately spoke in a serious tone. “No, it feels strange and I could use your help carrying the boxes. After all, we did this together in the first place.”

“Yeah, It was easy to convince your uncle to transfer ownership of the house over to you after your dad died.” She smiled a gentle smile. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. It’s just that I was enjoying the party.”

“That’s OK. Fran glanced back at Nancy. “I’m glad you’re here now.”

“That’s spooky!” Nancy shuddered. “The blackness seems to be alive.”

Giving an (I told you so expression), Fran started down the creaking stairs. “Are you coming or what?”

Nancy tentatively took a step. The wind began to blow outside. The coolness of the basement wrapped around them as they descended.

Fran reached for the light switch. It was covered with something that felt like cobwebs and a thick moss mixed together. As she turned on the light the bulb blew out and the darkness once again engulfed them. “I’m outta here,” Nancy exclaimed as she tried to turn around. Slipping and knocking Fran down they fell into a deep depression that was cold and moist. Trembling from the cold and fear they scrambled to their feet and groped around looking for a way of escape.

They heard deep breathing approaching. “Welcome, I’ve waited for you for a very long time. For many years I’ve had the time to prepare this place especially for the likes of you.” He took in a deep breath letting it out slowly. “No trespassing and no invasion of privacy. Can’t you read the signs?”

“Uncle Frank, is that you?” Fran barely managed to vocalize.

“It’s nice having long-time guests, I’ve been lonely. Our family is together again.” He chuckled and walked up the stairs. “Yup nice to have company for as long as I like.” His laughter boomed throughout the dilapidated house.

I stood transfixed staring into the hole into infinity looming before me. It used to be a cellar door, but now it stood seemingly poised to pounce and devour me. All light ended at the door in a black curtain with no reflections and nothing beyond could be seen.
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