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by bas
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2252866
Bumpy and Jumpy meet the carrot keeper
“Did you hear that? “ Bumpy asked with his ears pointing in the direction from where he thought the noise had come .
“Hear what?” Jumpy paused from chewing the carrot in his hands and looked at Bumpy .
“The strange whistling sound .”
“Bumpy, I did not hear anything .”

Both the rabbits had their ears raised in attention, waiting for the sound to repeat .

“Yes , I think I heard it too.” Jumpy looked at his friend startled by the sound .

“Quick put all the carrots into the pouch, let's get out of here” Jumpy started packing all the carrots he had collected.

“Leave the carrots where they are .”

Both the rabbits jumped in surprise as a loud voice echoed from behind .

“Who is it?” Jumpy managed to mumble looking around scared .

“We are the carrot keepers” the voice echoed, “ We can not allow you to take the carrots .”

Bumpy and Jumpy froze in their places not sure how to react .

We have you surrounded . “ The voice continued “You can not leave with the carrots .”

“But this is our food, what will we eat ? “ Jumpy finally mustered the courage to ask .

“We can give you one carrot each if you ask nicely” The voice did not seem so firm anymore .

“One carrot? “ Bumpy looked at his huge collection in disappointment .

“Yes, rest you will have to leave here itself .”

“Are you laughing at us ? “ Jumpy asked, noticing a hint of chuckle in the last sentence .

All of a sudden a roar of laughter erupted “God, see your faces. You are so scared” Piro, their parrot friend flew down from a tree .

“Piro .” Both of them shouted in surprise. “You scared us so badly.” Jumpy added .

“Well that was the idea .” Piro replied as all three of them laughed and headed home .

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