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Living in a bomb shelter with my imaginary friend, Wilson since the outbreak of Covid.
         "Stop breathin' down my neck, Wilson."
         "Come on, make a word already. It's Scrabble not brain surgery."
         "You got somewheres to be? Look around. We're in a bomb shelter. Somethin's comin', I can feel it."
         "Ewww! Gasp. Gross! The beans again?"
         "Hey, I didn't see you haulin' in any supplies. Labels aint cheap. You expectin' fine dinin'?"
         "I wish. Don't you miss fresh air? Remember before lockdown? Ah, patios..."
         "That distraction BS won't work on me. Hah! Virus."
         "I'll just add a few letters. Even down here it's on your mind. Virusosis."
         "What? That's not a word."
         "Haven't you heard of tuberculosis, halitosis, psychosis?"
         "You tryin' to be smart ,Wilson? Messin' with me? I can see right through you."
         "Can you? Sometimes, I think you keep me around just to bully me. I don't see anyone else in here with you. Where are you going?"
         "I need some space. You get kinda moody. We're hidin' from Covid, but sometimes it's like you're not even here."
         "Look who's talking. I mean it. You never shut up. Flap. flap, jabber, jabber. Do you ever listen to yourself?"
         "How'm I supposed to answer if I can't speak? Should I send you notes? Why bother? You're always lookin' over my shoulder."
         "I'm not the one who thought waiting out the pandemic in a bomb shelter would be a good idea. You dragged me along."
         "I did? As I recall you invited yourself. You just showed up one day."
         "Not this old argument. Don't you get dizzy?"
         "Whatcha mean?"
         " 'Round and 'round, it never ends. I feel sick."
         "Oh no! Do you have a fever, or a sore throat? I thought you sounded sniffly. Aha, you were gasping for breath a while ago."
         "I'm not the one who refuses to wear his mask. Wait, no, I'm fine. You're imagining things."
         "It's my bomb shelter. Stop deflectin'. You look kinda peaked. Are you sweatin'?"
         "Now, I know what you're thinking and you're way off base. I do not have Covid. How could I? I'm cooped up in here same as you."
         "Whoa, now, Wilson. We talked about this. We knew this could happen."
         "You're not cutting me loose?"
         "I gotta worry about my own health. It's why I'm squirrelled away here underground. That virus ain't welcome here. You understand, right, Wilson?"
         "You're just going to banish me, forget all about me? You're mad."
         "Some said buildin' this shelter was crazy, but who's laughin' now? Keep your sputterin' away from me. It's time you disappeared."
         "Wait! Who will keep you company? Who else will know what you're thinking?"
         "Oh, you haven't met Spalding."
         "Spalding? Who is he?"
         "I've kept him in the background, in the recesses so to speak. I never thought the two of you would hit it off. You're sorta needy. He gets me. He's whatcha call intuitive. When I turn around you'd better be gone." (481 words )
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