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Daily Flash Fiction 6/25/21 W/C 159

Scared to Death

“You scared me to death. When you came around that corner like that, well…”

“I just about jumped out of my skin when I saw you! Who knew you would be there!”

Joe and I stood remembering our encounter, as brief as it was.

“Do you think we’ll ever forget that time?” Joe asked.

I thought about this for a few moments. The crash, the awful few moments of pain. EMTs, police, bystanders. It was all a blur now, just about faded from my memory.

“Perhaps it’s true that time heals all wounds,” I stated.

“I don’t know, George. But it still hurts a bit to know I was at fault.”

We argued that for a few moments.

“We have all of eternity to figure this out. But why? We’re here now. Let’s enjoy our new home. Let bygones be bygones, and all that.” I gave George a big hug.

Heaven is forever, after all. Why hold a grudge?

W/C 159

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