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A gratitude poem based around small things that spark hope. My first try at poetry.
When the world is darkened by negativity,
The positive things seem as insignificant as a single match,
But when you are surrounded by cold dark sadness,
You can depend upon the light your little match will dispatch,

In times like these, the world feels heavy,
Time inching along ever so slowly,
But if you focus on all your blessings,
You will never feel lonely,

So focus on the chirping of the birds at the crack of dawn,
Focus on the laughter you share with your friends,
Focus on the warm comforting hugs banishing all the hurt,
And let your soul be cleansed,

The sun grinning down on you,
The sparkling of shimmering stones,
The smiles of all those who love you,
Warming up your bones,

The barking of a dog,
The purring of a cat,
Sinking into your warm soft bed,
When your fears begin to inch forward, think about that,

So lift your match up high,
Signalling to all the others,
The time to sit in sadness,
Is forever over.
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