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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Saving the World

“Oh my gosh! Did you see that!” Tim gushed.

“Yeah, that was funny,” Harold said.

“Funny? That was awesome!”

“Well, it was good, but, awesome?”

“Could you do it?”

“Of course I could do it.”

“I don’t mean could you do it, I mean could you train a chicken to do that, let alone three chickens.”

“Well yeah, I guess that would be kind of special.”

“Special? Have you ever met a chicken? The average chicken has the mentality of an earth worm. All they think about is food and body functions. They eat, they poop, they lay eggs. That’s it. Those chickens just danced. They danced together in a line, in unison, to music! To music! That my friend was awesome! What are the odds of that happening? Like a zillion to one!”

“Yes, that’s probably true, but you know those chickens there are puppets, right?”

“They’re puppets?”


“I really need to get new glasses.”

“Yes, yes you do. Why don’t we skip the dart board games and go make you an appointment right now.”

“Good idea.”

And, at least a small part of the world was saved, once again, by puppets.
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