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by dangal
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Detective · #2253315
She is looking for him. It has been a year and this might be her last chance
She last saw him on a rainy afternoon and it was raining now which meant he might show up again.

Standing on the cobblestone floor of the trans main train station, rubbing her cold and wet hands together trying to get warm. The rain dripping off the tip of her cascade hat onto her old worn trench coat.

She couldn’t let him see her first, otherwise he would disappear for another year at least.

“A lady like you wants the finest watch.” Said a short, black toothed street salesman opening a trench coat of his own to display a set of fake Rolex watches.

“Fuck off.” She said.

His face changed from friendly to shocked. He walked off.

“No, wait!” She said.

He stopped and turned around, “What?” He said.

“Fuck off.” She repeated.

This time he pointed his eyes at the ground and walked away quickly.

A train entered the station filling it with steam. Everyone crowding the ledge, waiting for the doors to stop so they could leap on. She tried looking at every door at once, but there were so many.

There he was. She couldn’t believe it. She finally saw him after a year of going through hell. It was him, no one else could rock that green coat and pink hat quite like him. He was the special one after all.

She began pushing people out of the way, chasing that pink hat. She was stuck in the throng when she saw him leaving for the exit.
“Stop that man in the pink hat!” she shouted but no one could hear her.

Then just as he was about to leave. The fake Rolex guy catches him by the arm and stops him. He shows him the Rolex watch collection.

She is almost there, this time he’s not getting away.

He says something she cannot hear to the Rolex guy and leaves.

Finally she pushes a young lady out of the way knocking her to the floor and reaches the Rolex guy. “What did he tell you?” she is out of breath.

The Rolex guy looks at her with his dark pebble eyes. “Fuck off.” He says and walks away.

She is standing there shocked and unbelieving.

He stops, turns around, looks at her.

Her eyes are pleading.

“Fuck off.” He says again.

She last saw him on a rainy afternoon.

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