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When your best friend helps you travel out of this world. Cooped up in a shelter too long
“Who’ dat?”...
“Wad ya want?”
“Wilson, dat you mon?”
”I muss be a heren thangs.”
“Whatcha say?”
“Dat dagum Wilson, him bedda be a-talken ta me fur he me besets freend.”
”I am talking to you, listen up.”
“I’s a listnen to ya, were ya bean hidden and watcha bean a-doin’ and why leff me her-a by ma-selv lone an all?”
”Geeze, I got some sleep. You know, when you close your eyes and dream? You got to give me some space because we’ve been cooped up here since the covid stuff get going. This bomb shelter is OK, but I need sometime to be alone and rest, you understand?”{?i}
“ I node it, but me gets luneseme here whan ya not a-talken to me.”
I understand but you need to understand I have to get rest eventually. I can’t keep going like you do. You pace and are always moving like you have ants or something crawling all over you. You twitch and shake sometimes. This is driving me nuts. I need to get away for at least a little while.”
“ok, but ya know it be tuff nuff wid jus da tu-a us stuck in de shelter. Here aloe time, nouuden ta do but read, an I dun red erry-ting. I got git me outa dis place an git me summen do sides dis stuck in da shelter. I needs a drank summen dat taken-me way fram dis place. I be-a taken ya go win me?”
”No, but I’ll help you the best way I can.”
“Ya be willing hep me?”
“Get the knife and bring it to me.”
“K, now what-we do?
“Give me the knife and then turn around.
Are you ready to take a trip out of this world?
“Sure, dis be exciten. Should I be gettten ma stuff?”
You won’t need it where you’re going. Everything will be taken care of for you.”
“OK, ya nowed bess.”

395 words

PROMPT: You've been living in your underground bomb shelter since the Covid outbreak with your imaginary friend, Wilson.

1827 characters, 395 words. Readability level: 11-12th grade student.
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