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Dear Dad:

My decision to help was a surprise to you. Your worries are unfounded this is so true. I hope you enjoy my poetry message to you. While it’s tough to do some tasks, the results will be great and really easy and last. The weather here is mild and a blessing to me, I’m thrilled at the progress that I see. As things get better for the people here, Their smiles and excitement cause them to cheer. We can tell they needed this well and so we dug it deep and very strong this I do tell.

You'd be proud of me if you were here. My job for God is very clear. I help these people to survive and they keep my spirit uplifted and alive. I trust God for everything. This Dad is not just a fling. I understand now, the love of God you tell about, and can sincerely rejoice and shout. I shout to the heavens my joy and trust in Him, but it goes further I also tell them all about Him. My mission to build the well is more precious as I tell stories from scripture, they indwell so deliciously. The things of God to them I help convey, they crowd around, and closely they stay. They are glad to have this well, but they are thankful for God I can tell.

I thank God for you and my family because it gave me life and I can share this gift without strife. My family is a precious gift and because of this God is He who uplifts. I share my talents to help, the people who have families not only by myself. Thank you Dad for everything, My love of God is not a fling.

Your loving child: in God, I trust thanks again very much.


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June prompt - It will soon be Father's Day. You are working in some war-torn area of the world (Military/charity). Write home to Dad, letting him know your news without worrying him TOO MUCH.

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