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A true story after girl fell into me. She lost her footing and relied on me to help her up
I remember walking with you, it was a grey day at the beach
I never really knew you, we were strangers out of reach

To this day I think of you, wondering where you are
Now you're just a memory, a fading distant star

I hope you think of me sometimes, that boy you never knew
Because I still remember you, my feelings grew and grew

As you walked, you slipped and fell but I was there to help
You clasped my arm to support yourself and that's where it begins

For just a second I felt loves freedom, you sent me to the moon
Only I felt the love Goddess as you walked right by my side

That moment of madness was short yet so sublime
You never felt a thing for me, for it was not our time

We were only 12 years old and knew too little of life
But I will always think you and how you eased my strife

I don't recall your name or even the reason you were there
But your slip and fall against me is a moment I just must share

Now love is a funny experience, even if just a flash
That day we walked the coast line is now memories turned to ash

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