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NON_JOURNAL_Journalistic Intentions
Insomnia is just another way to brand yourself "not normal". if you stay asleep all night and got your days and nights all mixed up in the blender.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because the onion soup will taste great: especially after you’re had lunch and are about to empty your tummy because it tastesInsomniablender, better the second time around, moo!

What's meant to be will always end up online, unless you have a vault hidden inside your cave where your top secrets are kept while the guard dogs finish the remains of the humans who tried to discover what’s on your mind.

In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life: Counting is easier than it looks unless you have amnesia.

Dr. Akula of Holy Motors is trying a new fuel to help you drive people crazy without working at it.

CHOP Kids First is a Zen and the Art of child care designed to relieve the parents of constipation from overworkeddogs,humans, vocal cords.

Linda@wickedhothillary.com is Orpheus Descending deep.

Oink Joint Rd. Doorways I Haven't Opened can be an exciting adventure if you dare to risk your sanity.

I really don't want a journal at this time.
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