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by Maikun
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2253492
Jisei Suzuto joins the Ishiins as they are caught up in the final war with the Insurgents.

-Jisei's Perspective-

"Do you still hate me after all this time? Jisei?" her quiet voice and cold tone, sending shivers down my spine. I clenched on the grip of the Colt pistol that I held in my left hand, I looked at her with my eyes. Examining her.

She was wearing the exact same uniform (A brown school jacket, a white blouse, and a brown skirt) as any of the girls here but it was ripped and rugged, filled with blood. Her body coated with the same aggressive yellow aura that the affected students had, but there was one thing that was bugging me. She still had "some" of her consciousness intact! Because the other infected students never spoke a single word to both me and Manaka, she must have a reason to be able to keep her thoughts...

"Watch out! Jisei-kun!!" Manaka screamed at me, as my eyes were staring into space. I suddenly blinked as I saw a blade sparking right in front of me, Manaka parried the attacks of Koyo as she slid on the ground her aura glowing a deeper yellow. She laughed as she had both of her arms stretched out, multiple forms of familiar items started to materialize in front of us.

Koyo starts to drool while grinning maniacally, as multiple school supplies start to show up on her hands. Multiple sharp pens, scissors, precision blades, and metal rulers are curled up in between her fingers, she points them at me specifically.

She licks her lips and powers her leg to propel herself at me, I fired multiple bullets at her. She cuts the aura bullets with her sharp school items as I dodged her slash, she continues to keep slashing at me. I ran faster as Manaka backed me up with her blade as the both of them clashed, Manaka grits her teeth as Koyo hacks at her parrying.

She slashes Koyo using the lightning charged up as it met the yellow aura and cracked it, Koyo's eyes widen and she instantly cuts her; nearly cutting Manaka's right eye slicing the skin of her cheek.

Manaka kicks Koyo towards a wall, as Koyo's body is sent through the wall and inside the classroom. As she hits multiple desks and chairs, her body stopping near a window by the end of the classroom; her hands dropping her equipment.

Manaka runs towards her, with Rushiko-san's blade still emitting a lot of lightning. I cover her by attempting to shoot and blast through her yellow aura, my bullets are easily sent ricocheting all around the classroom. I sigh as Manaka jumps in towards Koyo's position with her blade in both of her hands, she shoves it directly on her aura. The lightning struggling to go through, the blades shatters into small shards. As Manaka's neck is grabbed by Koyo's hands, she tightens it while staring at her eyes.

Manaka squirms and tries to punch Koyo but her attacks deal nothing to her aura barrier. I instantly rushed to their position, as I powered up my fist. Koyo scoffs at me as she throws Manaka at me, as both me and her are sent hurling towards the blackboard of the classroom. The both of us look around for her, but she flashes instantly towards my position as she blocks me with both of her arms. Her hands glowing as they are filled with her weapons, she looks at me with a clear look of hostility and pleasure. She came closer to me as she said:

"You think I forgave you? Did you think I could forget what you did to me? Suzuto!?!?" she shouted at me, my face full of her spit. I gave her a look of fear, as Manaka continued to punch Koyo's aura. Her hands bleeding from the repeated attempts, but she still doesn't give up. Koyo starts to smirk at me, as she starts to laugh frantically.

"Are you scared? Are you finally regretting what you did? Well too bad~ I don't care about your life, I just want you to feel what I felt when you rejected me and abandoned me..." she coldly whispers into my ear as she stabs me with her left hand, the sharp school supplies filled with her aura breaking down my flimsy aura barrier. Manaka stopping and kneeling down, her eyes staring at me. My eyes widen, my mouth coughing up blood. My ears started to ring as it heard Manaka screaming at the result, her eyes filled with rage.

Koyo's hand filled with my blood, she forcefully rips her weapons out of my body; my guts starting to leak. Manaka's screaming rage, causing an orange aura to coat her body. Her shouting being the only thing my mind could process as.... Koyo suddenly kissed me, my mind flashing with my thoughts. My eyes filled with my tears, as my mind started to break.

Multiple voices start to leak into my mind, as the screaming continued to ring and reverberate around my brain.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way..." My dad states as he fades being swallowed by the cold wind.


"I'm here for you.." Manaka softly whispering unto my ear, as she embraced me.

"I... don't—"

"Thank you Ji-nii..." Natsuno thanking me as she grabbed my hand, as we walked deeper into the void.

"Want to—"

"Your father... please don't be mad at him.. he tries to see us when he has the time.. he really does want to be with us!" My mother reassures me, as she sadly smiles looks at the window glowing with a white light.

"Want to d—"

"I won't let all of you down!" I said confidently as Manaka smiled at me, wiping the tears out of my sore eyes.

"I know you won't.." she softly replies as she turns away walking towards a destroyed Tokyo filled with destroyed debris and dead corpses, the crying tears of the mourning surrounding us. Their constant wailing ringing in my brain, my screaming getting louder and more unbearable...

"I don't want him to die!" I loudly shouted as my tears streamed down my face, my shouting echoing to nothingness.


"I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as the blood from my wound started to leak faster, my guts falling alongside my blood as I desperately covered it. Manaka's burning eyes staring deeply into Koyo's soul. As she smirked, she opens her school jacket as it revealed even more school supplies including paper clips, staplers, pencils and sharp compasses. Manaka charges her aura, as my hands shook as I covered my falling insides. My eyes started to wane.....

I lost my consciousness.

-5 Years Ago-

-Koyo's Perspective-

The heat was simmering all over the place, as I walked out of my school. I took heavy steps out of the entrance as I wiped the sweat off my brow, I sighed and looked straight at the ground.

I never fitted in... I never really... got along...

I keep hearing these thoughts... I keep imagining all of it...

All of them, they don't really care; do they? Every single one of them... just put on a façade and pretend that they've considered me as their friend... every single person, they look at me with contempt... with rejection... with fear...

Is all of what I thought real? Or are they fake themselves? I've never really known; I just feel lonely... empty...

I feel Isolated...

I was an only daughter, but I had a father... and a mother...

My father was a businessman, always busy. He never really had time for the two of us... but he tried. My mother though was an Ishiin. A soldier, and yet she always had time for me. She was loving, warm, and caring; she always had stories of her missions. She did sugarcoat them since I was just a child, but her stories were always about her and her comrade's fight against the Insurgents. About how she survived through so much and even fought with the Omega grades in the Osaka Conflict.

She was the only person who knew me, and the only person I opened up to. She worried about me, listened to me ramble and we even had similar interests.

That was a long time ago... I haven't seen her for 3 years now...


She died... she wasn't killed in the fighting, she died of an illness she caught while fighting them.

She only survived for 2 days when she was infected with it, she wasn't herself when I saw her... the only thing left was her body, she didn't speak to any of her friends, fellow comrades, to dad... or even to me...

She couldn't even understand me; she couldn't talk to me, or even say a proper goodbye... my mother was gone. Just like that... The only person that had known me, that worried about me... that cared about me...



I saw her at the hospital bed, her body and face were cold; her eyes stared at the white ceiling. And never stopped to even look at me... I stroked my hands over her pink hair, her scent was still on her... But she really was gone, her usual cheerful and loving demeanor.

Reduced to an empty husk of herself, she couldn't even think... she didn't even feel the pain as her body slowly deteriorated. The doctors said something was eating away at her aura, that they couldn't cure it as they didn't know where or what was taking her aura away.

I touched her face, her eyes still staring at the ceiling. My eyes watered up, as I stared at her...

"Please... don't leave me, You promised me... you wouldn't abandon me... that you wouldn't die!!! that you wouldn't leave me... all alone... " I shouted at her, but her face was still empty inside... I continued to sob and kneeled on the floor... I heard the beeping sounds of the machine... until it stopped...

My mother was never coming back...

She was gone...


I was broken...

And alone...

I wanted to move on... but I couldn't! I always looked forward to when she came home when she would cook my favorite dishes when we watched the same shows we loved and when even she relied on me. I was important to her, as she was to me... She understood me and didn't ridicule me when I was different instead, she accepted me and loved me for who I was...

I'll never see her again...

When I said goodbye, she didn't look at me; nor reacted at all. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes empty and void of her warmth. Her body was cold, her face pale... I wanted her back! So that we could return to the days we spent together, if I could exchange my life for hers...

I would've...

I hated the world... for taking away the only person who knew me, who cared for me, who didn't fake her smiles nor her emotions... she was honest and true to herself

I felt empty...

like a never-ending void was eating away at me... I couldn't sleep, eat or even cry... I kept thinking about her, I never stopped being reminded of her...

My dad quitted his job, he regretted not being able to spend more time with us... his usual quiet face and attitude were gone... He kept on mourning, I could even hear his sobbing through the hallway, even though I never really knew him. I was still worried, I went inside their room as I talked to him about our times together about how we bonded and understood each other... I comforted him.


"Dad... I know you didn't have time for us, that you always tried to... So please! Stop blaming yourself! you didn't kill her... it was the Insurgents who did! even if you regretted not spending enough time with us... with her... please... forgive yourself... at least do this for her sake!" I worryingly said as I cried and hugged him, his eyes widened as he embraced me back. He patted and messed with my hair as he said.

"Nayumi... You really are like your mom..." he says this as he grabs my face with his warm hand.

"I'm sorry for everything, for always being away... for neglecting you and your mother... this time I promise that I won't leave your side!" he cried as his tears dropped on my hair, we both sobbed as we remembered her smile, her cheerful and caring self. The moonlight shining on us from across the window from our left, as we continued our embrace.


I always keep imagining all of it... the facades of all the people around me, their fake emotions, their lying words... I despise it all... My family were the only ones who felt "real", they cared for me... and even if they didn't understand me... they still accepted me.

These deceiving semblances of "people" will always be indifferent to me, they backstab each other... just so they can "survive" in this shitty world... so why would I care for any of these strangers?

The way they stare at me, the way they talk to me and mumble about me...

I hate these fake plastic distorted excuses for people...

If they'll always ridicule me and reject my perspective... if they're indifferent to me, then I'll do the same!

But someone... he made me think otherwise... he made me see that these "facades" weren't always the case... he showed me they could all feel real sentimental feelings, that they had goals and important people in their lives...

and yet...

He isn't different from any of them!!


They keep whispering about me, even if I keep quiet... they want me to be tortured, to feel pain... they keep lying about me, spreading rumors and making me into someone I'm not... everywhere I went inside the school, wherever... those eyes won't stop looking... those lips won't stop whispering and bumbling... their buzzing words, ringing and reverberating inside me...

I thought about it all day, no... everyday... I keep shutting myself off from the people around me, why would I want to be friends with such fake bastards? All they want is to see me suffer, as they stare at me and talk amongst themselves about me... tch...

I sighed and stared at the window from my seat, the sun blinding me and burning all of earth. I continue to look outwards to the garden of the campus. The grass, the trees, and the blue sky. I wasn't speaking and interacting with anyone... it's better this way...

I smiled with my hand on my chin... no one would see how I feel right now... (like I would want them to) I suddenly felt a touch on my right shoulder, I instantly look at the person who did this... A mostly black-haired boy with white streaks on the top of his hair appeared, he smiled as I looked at him confused.

"Why are you smiling? (what a weirdo...)" I asked as I frowned at him, he softly replies.

"Oh! Nothing... I just want to know why you're always sitting there and staying quiet... (you know you could just talk to all of us here!)" he asked me, I sighed and looked straight at him.

"Are you sure you want to hang out with "someone" like me? you do know people might spread rumors around when they see "the silent demon" (which is what they call me around here...) actually being with you?" I asked him as he looked at me with his smile never changing.

"I honestly don't mind! I mean I would just want to know about you, I would like to talk with you!" he cheerfully exclaims, I looked at him with even more confusion... he's kinda like...

"Hmmm.... Sure? Alright, I'll talk to you..." I hesitantly replied as I got up and got close.

"Where do you wanna meet up? (I'm not talking inside the school... no way!)" he grabs my hand, my eyes widening as he excitedly says.

"Thank you! We can meet up later at the café at 5:00 pm near the school! Also, my name's Jisei Suzuto! What's yours?" he smiles at me, with my cheeks flushing.... sheesh, stop holding my hand!!

"Umm... it's Nayumi Koyo...." I softly said as he nods, and lets go of my hand. He leaves and says goodbye as I stood there with my mind racing... he might not be that bad...

He might be like... Mom....

-Hours later at the café-

-The time is 5:20 pm-

I've been waiting inside the café for like 20 minutes now, yeesh! what is taking him so long! I look out the window seeing multiple people going inside shops, people talking and eating inside and outside the restaurant. But I still haven't seen anyone with black and white hair... I swear if he doesn't get here in 10 more minutes... I'm leaving!!

I place my right hand on my chin, as I look around inside the café. I see baristas making the coffee and other beverages, and the people talking while having a good drink, some of them are students but they're more diverse than just high school students, with even college students in groups or loners just typing away with their laptops. The aroma of the enticing coffee making me more pissed off, that he isn't here. I mean I'm kinda interested in him... why would he want to learn about me? of all the people... it was me...

I grabbed the cool complimentary water (that the waiters give to you when you arrive) and drank it, the water quenching my thirst. I still had my hand on my chin, until I suddenly hear the bell ring at the entrance of the door in front of me (2 tables ahead of me was the main door).

A black and white-haired boy with a worried look quickly tries to find my seat while standing at the entrance, as I waved at him from my table. He sees my hand as he nods and gets closer, he sits on the cushion of the couch right in front of me.

"I'm sorry I'm late! I remembered I had club activities and had to attend them (or else they would've killed me if I didn't hehe) Don't worry about paying anything! I'll pay for the drinks!" he worryingly says as he wipes off the sweat on his forehead, I replied furiously.

"You do know I've been waiting in here for almost half an hour now right!? Be glad that I didn't just get up and left... but anyways, what did you want to know about me? and why are you interested in me?" I asked him, as I grabbed the menu choosing for a drink. I passed him the menu as he replied.

"It's just that... you've barely talked to any of us, you're always staring at the window beside you... people don't know who are, they start to guess and think differently of you... I just want to know... why do you stay quiet?" he asks as he closes the menu booklet and calls for the waiter.

"Excuse me, I'll have a double espresso! And you Koyo-san?"

"I'll have an Americano with cream please!"

"Ok Mister and Miss! I'll be right back with your order!" the waitress exclaims as she writes it down with her piece of paper and heads to the baristas for our drinks.

"Umm... well getting back to our topic..." I said as I hesitantly stopped, over how I should talk about it to a newly met acquaintance... he notices this and replies.

"I mean... you don't need to force yourself to talk about it, we did just meet like hours ago... so we can just move on if you want!" he says, worried about me... hmm....

"It's fine... I think I can talk about it..." I softly said.

"It's just that, I imagine things about people... I think they have this underlying façade in them... about how they don't actually care about anyone, in how they speak and pretend that they feel. That they wouldn't care about anyone besides themselves, they have plastic emotions and will deceive anyone to achieve what they want..." I say as I grabbed a tissue and crumpled it, Jisei's eyes slowly watching me. I looked at him and continued on.

"The people that stare at me, despise me. They look at me cause I'm different, that I'm not the same as they are. Even if I'll stay quiet, even if I don't want anything to do with them. They lie about me, spread rumors, and ultimately want me to suffer... just because I'm different from them, just because they can't accept me..." I said all of this as he looks at me, his smile fading but his worried look never changing.

"So that's what you've been thinking of, this whole time..." he says this as he grabs his chin with the thumb of his left hand, he nods while taking a short while to reply. He suddenly gets closer, his face near mine. My face gets red, as he said.

"I don't want to insult you and your way of thinking... but all of that doesn't matter!! Even though I can see why you think that way... you shouldn't focus on people you don't care about! Don't try to understand all of the people around you, you can only handle so much! Just be with the people you care about, even if they're few. You should focus on them! Not strangers!" he said, his eyes never averting from mine, I stared at him. His beautiful face and his caring eyes, his soft voice stating all of that, as I touched his messy hair.

"Umm... why are you crying?" he softly asks, as I notice my eyes watering down tears. I attempted to wipe them off but even more came out... I sobbed as people noticed us. He doesn't look away from me as he wipes them off himself, he looks worryingly and passes me a tissue. My hands shaking, and my voice quavering.

"I.... umm.... Thanks..." I whispered, as his sharp ears heard me. He nods and lays his back on the cushion, as the same waitress returned with our order, her face worried.

"Umm is there anything wrong? Mister and Miss?" she says as she puts down my Americano on my side and Jisei's Double expresso on his, Jisei replied.

"Oh! Koyo-san said she's fine, it's just we were talking and she suddenly cried. I'm sorry if we caused a commotion, we just got a bit emotional on our end!" he says reassuring the waitress that "everything's fine", she nods and says to enjoy our beverages.

"You should've talked to us instead of hiding what you've felt... but you did it! You've let your guard down, and let all of that go. So... let's be friends! Koyo-san!" he said while smiling, his sweet smile and warm eyes melting me... he actually wanted to be with me, he is like Mom!

He gets closer and puts out his hand, I nod and grasped it with my waiting hand. I shook it as he smiled, our eyes staring at each other... we grabbed our coffee and drank it. Enjoying each other's company, as we talked about a lot of things like: about school, the interests we had, our families, our hobbies and ourselves. I finally knew what another person's mindset was... he was different, but he accepted me. He saw my flaws and wanted me to change, he wanted to help me... he understood me and wanted to know more about me... his warm form reminding me of the days me and my mom spent together... he didn't reject me, and I didn't reject him either...

I wanted it to never end...



It never lasted, he made a choice... and chose to abandon me...

It was a normal day, 2 months had passed since we've met and became friends... I saw him walking through the hallway and followed him, I was about to get his attention... when "they" came... tch

"Umm... what'd you call for me for?" he asked as multiple male and female students surrounded Jisei, their clothes were different... they wore black variants of our uniform, basically black jackets and black pants which were originally brown... but they made it different for a purpose... they had their hands in their pockets, and some of them even had spiky hair and weird haircuts... they circled Jisei as the leader approached him, a black-haired boy with spikes pointing downwards...

"Yeah... I was getting there! you gotta stop hanging out with that silent asshole! That bastard doesn't even acknowledge us... she's a relentless nuisance, beating up any of us when we got too "close" to her... she doesn't deserve anything here!" he stated while cracking his fists. Jisei grabbing his neck and sighing.

"I know! But you never know when she might be warm-up and at least respect us... that's why I hang out with her! You gotta give me more time! I can make her like us and ultimately... join us." he replied while he puts his hands down, the surrounding students start to get closer, ready to beat him senseless. But the spiked leader had his right arm to cover them.

"Not now! We can't beat him here! You dumbasses!" he said with his eyes staring at all of them, they gulped and backed down. Jisei clenching his fists, the leader sighing back.

"We can't afford you to hang out with her anymore! The other gangs might try to take her and especially you from us, Suzuto! It isn't worth it!" he says while grabbing his right shoulder, Jisei gritting his teeth.

"But-" Jisei desperately said, the leader cutting his words with his own.

"Remember... we've protected you and your siblings from the other pricks around here, we don't even let them look at you with indifference... You owe me... and this time I want your end of our deal... you know what happens if go against us... right?" he says while patting and then tightening his hand on Jisei's shoulder... Jisei's eyes widening as his dry throat tightens...

"Alright... I promise I won't deal with her anymore... just don't hurt any of my siblings..." he quietly says, as he faced the ground. The leader pats his back as he puts out his hand and waves it, signaling the others to leave.

"You promised me... Suzuto... we won't hurt them!" he exclaims this with his group's footsteps clacking and echoing through the hallway, as many students watched. My eyes widened, as I ran and ran and ran.

The last thing I saw was his eyes seeing mine.

"Wait!! Nayumi!!!" he shouted while scrambling and pushing the people surrounding him.

He tried to catch up but I jumped downwards to the staircase near "their" exchange, I pushed the people around me. Their eyes recognizing me, I didn't give a damn! I ran and slammed through the main hallway's entrance. My eyes filled with my tears, as I continued to run.

He never wanted to be with me... he's just the same as all of them! He used me just so he can achieve what he wanted! I thought he could be genuine! Someone that actually cared... He never did... he abandoned me and left me with nothing but regret and disappointment...

I hate this world... for taking away my mother, for taking away what mattered the most to me... that genuine connection, I wanted to finally open up to others... but he just made it worse! He was what I wanted... what I craved for... but he threw away all of it! Our happiness, our connection, our bond... our friendship!!

I stood there in the heat of the sun, at the park near the school. Where we were once, I punched the lamppost over and over again till my hands bled. I wanted our relationship to last! For our memory to never fade... for me to understand the people around me... I wanted to change! For myself... for her...

"FUCK!!!!!!" I beat up the lamppost with my hands filled with my anger and contempt, as I dropped and kneeled down. My eyes looking at my worn down and bleeding fists... the sunset setting right in front of me as I wept.

Mom... why did you leave me?!? why did you make me suffer all these years!?! I was all alone, with no one who wanted me... you were the only one who made me feel special! You promised me that you would live! That you wouldn't die... I wanted to be a part of them... and yet I can't change... I can't move on...

I don't know how to...

I can't trust any of them anymore!

We've never talked or seen each other since then, we both avoided each other... and I continued to be the same introverted asshole! The days, the months and the years flew by... I did make a few friends, but I never opened up to them... it never got close... I kept all of my contempt for him locked up inside me, never to be released...

Somehow... I was wrong...

"She" took over me....


-Manaka's Perspective-

"JISEIII!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I saw my best friend get stabbed right in front of me, my eyes stared right at her. I clenched my fists even harder, as she kissed him. My hatred and anguish rising to unknown levels, as I felt a hot sensation all around my body. My body started to be coated with an orange aura, I shouted and charged it up. As the girl smirked at me, she opened up her school jacket as it revealed more of her weapons including paper clips, staplers, pencils and sharp compasses. I opened my fists, and formed the figure of the weapon I wanted without thinking.

The form of an electric guitar started to materialize in both of my hands, as I powered it with my aura. She points all of her school supplies at me, I moved my right foot and prepared my stance as I held my guitar by the frets to my right. She launched at me and started to slash me, I caught up with her swift movements. As I parried her slashes with my guitar, I flipped and hit her back as she spat at the floor. She threw her sharp compasses at me as I dodged them to my left, I kicked and launched the tables and chairs at her.

She completely obliterates them, her yellow aura burning. She slides on the ground and throws more projectiles at me, as I cover them with my guitar. Some of them hitting my arms and legs, I gritted my teeth and endured it. I powered up my right leg and launched myself at the air, as I slashed her chest instantly. She coughs up blood as I continued to hit her more and even harder, she is directly hit by this. Her aura barrier completely destroyed by my attacks. She drops to the ground, covered with bruises and cuts from the strings of my guitar. Her head facing the ground, I point my weapon at her head.

I was ready to kill her.

"I hate you Jisei... you left me with nothing... and had me suffer all these years, you said you wanted to be at my side... you are a fucking liar!!!" she screamed at the collapsed Jisei, covering his open guts with his hands. I tightened my grip on my guitar, and slammed the ground with it. The floor tiles cracking and destroyed by the impact.

"That's enough!! You obsessed loner! Just leave him alone..." I said as I lifted my weapon once again, about to hit her. Until... she instantly looked at my eyes, her aura building up and blinding me. She got up and stabbed me while kicking me to the wall breaking it. Launching me all the way to the other classroom. I let go of my guitar and coughed up blood as I saw the sharp weapons under my chest, nearly hitting my heart. I gasped for more air, as I tried to get up. She instantly flashes right in front of me and points her weapons right in front of my neck. My eyes widening, her arm grabbing my shoulder and shoving it against the wall.

She whispers into my ear.

"Get in my way again, and I'll shove these scissors down your throat..." she coldly says as I felt a shiver down my spine, I slowly nod as she lets go and punches my face. I spat out a tooth and stared at her. She walked away to the other classroom in front of me, where Jisei is. She walks right through the huge hole in the wall between the classroom and grabs Jisei's body.

She throws him right in front of me. As she slowly walks in front of us, her footsteps clacking through the classrooms. I cried and looked at him, his opened wound still leaking. She stomped her foot and shoved it in his face, my mind ready to break any moment. My aura started to form again, my fist clenching at the very existence of this sick lunatic!!!

"I've always wanted to kill this lying deceiving bastard this whole time... and now I get to... right in front of his lover~" she giggles and sits down, as she holds his body with her two hands on his shoulders. He wakes up right in front of her, her eyes enlarging and widening.

"Nayumi-san..." He whispers as he stares into her eyes, her face displaying an indescribable amount of sorrow as her hands shake as she held him.

"I never wanted to leave you... but I had to... for my younger siblings... I know that you can't forgive me... if it does make you feel better, kill me right here right now!! But... know that-" he coughs up blood, as her eyes lightened a bit... her hands tightened on his shoulders... her face covered with despair and the yellow aura around her dissolving into nothing.

"Jisei-san? What the hell happened here?!? And why are your guts spilling?!?" she said worryingly, his eyes opening and his lips slowly curling into a smile. He lets go of his hands on his wound, as puts them on her face. The blood staining her face, he softly says.

"But know that... I still wanted to be friends with you..." he says with his smile widening, her eyes breaking open with tears falling down her face. As she lets go of her hands on his shoulders and embraces him, her quavering voice replying.

"I... I don't know what happened here! But I know I did all of this! I don't want you to die! I should've let go of my contempt for you a long time ago... I should've talked to you instead!!! I'm so sorry!!!" she screamed as I stared at them hugging while Jisei passed out on her shoulder, my mind still confused. I let all of my questions go at the back of my head, I ripped the sharp weapons under my chest and around my arms and legs. As I screamed in pain, the blood flowing out. I stripped off my jacket and blouse, and wrapped the blouse around it. As I wore my jacket, I crawled to them. As I took breaths trying to maintain my aura trying to stop the bleeding from my other wounds, she looks at me and said.

"I'm sorry... I don't even remember what I did to you..." she quietly said, as she got up and lifted me near Jisei. I didn't reply as I took off his polo and wrapped it around his wound. She took off her jacket and threw the weapons from it as they disappeared, as she put her jacket on Jisei's body. The jacket covering him, my other wounds still bleeding and stinging like hell. I replied back:

"I'll trust you for now... but I haven't forgiven you yet..." I said as she nodded and got up slowly, struggling to. She drags the both of us away from the destroyed classrooms, my eyes seeing the aftermath of our fight as I looked at the other students affected. Their yellow aura gone as they laid on the ground unconscious, I was tired from this hellish day as I saw two silhouettes getting near us. The girl collapsing on the ground as my eyes started to close, needing the sleep and rest.

They both got near us... I don't remember what happened afterwards...

The three of us went to sleep.


-Ending Theme-


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