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By way of being the second part of an iterative process.
Hatter-like I pursue the unicorn.
10 shilling and sixpence and
all the secrets shall be revealed to you.
from all poisons protected now.

So close your eyes, my eyes.
Do not be despondent, depressed,
distraught at aught,
though we see nothing plain.

The slightest peep will reveal
what we want to conceal
in Dorian's dark mirror
showing us as we 'really are'.
Having dipped a toe and stirred,
it is no surprise that the mud is disturbed

Do not
end it here, for,
this too shall pass, but
neither assume this will be the last time
congratulating myself on just how far I have come.

Fool hardy, I step over the cliff
though my conscience nags me.
With luck (beginners this time around, again).
With luck,
something will break my neck.
Caput Mortum
Osiris nigredo.

For all who will live eternally are doomed to die.
I shall rot,
carrion crows complete the cleansing.
Burn my bones,
roast them,
desiccated, dried, calcified
freed – for now
finally taking the first step,



Alchemist I  (13+)
Amongst other things of course.
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