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narsu x kagura lemon
Kagura was in the mansion's kitchen as she was in the middle of cooking

She wore a pink apron on as Kagura was cutting up some carrots before pouring them into a bowl, doing the action repeatedly

Two pots were boiling by the stove as Kagura opened the lid on one of them before pouring in the bowl of carrots into it, the water boiling the carrots

Kagura soon added in a red powder, sugar, and salt into the mix as the boiling water turned red and into a red soup that has the chop up carrots in it

"All right then" Kagura said as she closed back the lid and lets it bowl for 2 hours or so

Kagura hummed as she started cleaning up the kitchen utensils after using them

The violet haired woman was too busy cleaning that she didn't notice a certain someone coming from behind her

"that smells really good" a voice whispered out as hands circled around Kagura's waist and pulled her into a hug from behind

"Kyaaa!" Kagura let out a cute yelp as she looks behind and sees Natsu smiling to her "mou~! Don't startle me!"

"sorry" Natsu replied, his smile not leaving his face. The man leans his face to Kagura's neck as he placed a kiss on it "can you forgive me?"

Kagura blushed to his action as she just looks away and focuses back on cleaning

Natsu chuckled as he finds her action and response to be adorable

His hands started running up and down Kagura's abdomen as the swordswoman was blushing from his action

"you're adorable, Kagura. Wearing that apron.." Natsu whispered as he kisses her neck a few times before her cheeks "….made me imagine….having you as one of my beautiful wives"

Kagura blushed even harder as her mind started imagining herself in the kitchen, before greeting Natsu who carried a little girl with pink hair

Natsu chuckled in seeing her reaction as he holds her even closer than before his hands started to rub around her waist, stomach, and then to her hips and when he touched her hips, Kagura shivered

"N-Natsu! N-no! not here!" Kagura yelled in a whisper as her cheeks were red as Erza's scarlet hair, but the man just caresses her hips up and down before rubbing around her plump ass to which he soon pinches, making Kagura jolt in surprise "s-stop it! Someone might hear!"

"who?" Natsu asked with a chuckle as his copies were keeping the others…..attended at the moment

Natsu's hands raises up as they went to Kagura's side, massaging them before making their way up to her chest, Kagura nearly moan from it

"what's wrong, Kagura? You're all tensed up" Natsu whispered as his hands massaged her chest while Kagura covers her mouth to hold in her moan that nearly came out again "let me give you a massage…that'll loosen you up a bit"

"w-wait.." Kagura muttered out as she could feel something hard pressing against her ass

"let's have a little…." Natsu said as his eyes glowed black, his form turning demonic and the two doors to the kitchen slides close and the windows near by shuts close. Magic circles appeared all around the room before disappearing "game of house, shall we?"

"n-no! someone might hear u-aahh!?" Kagura retorted before yelping in surprise when Natsu pulls her skirt up and pulls her underwear to the side before his erected dick came out and pierced her vagina but could not go further because Kagura's legs pushed against each other, forbidding Natsu's dick from entering "d-don't! we can't!"

"don't fight it, Kagura" Natsu said as he gropes her chest, before going inside her shirt, and directly massaging her breasts "just…relax…and let me massage you"

"n-no! stop" Kagura pleaded before she yelps when Natsu pinched her nipples hard, weakening her legs and gives the man the opportunity to pierced his dick into her vagina through, causing the swordswoman to moan out from his entire shaft entering her

Natsu holds Kagura's waist as the man started thrusting his dick into her, causing Kagura to start moaning from his movement

In and out, Natsu's dick keeps on moving inside Kagura's inner wall; grinds against it as it moved

Kagura moans even harder as Natsu's speed increased and so was his ferocity

"aahhh….ahhhh….ahhhh…aAAAAH!" Kagura moaned out before screaming as Natsu's seed exploded within her womb, and fills it up "i-I told you..n-no…."

Kagura gasped as her body twitches in her orgasm

"you say no…yet your body says otherwise, Kagura" Natsu said as he chuckles before the man flips Kagura around, now facing against him "be more honest sometimes, Kagura. Your body is"

Natsu pulled her shirt up while her apron sides in between her breasts that were still covered in her bra which was soon pulled down by Natsu, exposing them instantly

"n-no…someone might come…" Kagura whimpered as Natsu's still erected and hard cock, grazes against her dripping entrance, readying itself to enter her again "…and…it's going to be embarrassing for me"

"it won't" Natsu said holding her hands before kissing them and smiled to her "I'm here after all"

"b-but.." Kagura muttered out before seeing a golden ring with a violet gem on it appearing on her left ring finger mysteriously "this is…"

"when we go back for the second year.." Natsu said as he holds her left hand before kissing it "I want to meet your brother and ask permission to go out with you…and in the near future, your hand for marriage"

Kagura blushed as she looks away in embarrassment before Natsu cups her cheeks and made her face him

"that's a promise after all" Natsu said chuckling before smiling "and I always keep my promise"

Kagura blushed even more as Natsu's warm hands caressed her cheeks

Now, Kagura holds her hands on Natsu's shoulder as she pulled him into a hug

"please…be gentle" Kagura whispered as Natsu smiled in reply

His shaft pressed against Kagura's entrance before it inserts itself into her hard, Kagura moaned a bit before she started moaning even more when Natsu started to thrust his member into her. Kagura hugs Natsu closer as she hangs on while the man pounds her insides hard

Kagura moaned even louder when Natsu increased his thrusting his speed even more, her inner walls wrapped and squeezed against his member, pulling him even more inside her. After a few more pounding, Natsu came as Kagura's climbs clings onto him hard from the orgasm that had come

"ahhh…ahhh….m-my stomach…..it's….full" Kagura muttered out nearly fainting as drips of their juices mixed together fell to the floor.

"well then" Natsu said as he walks to the table while carrying Kagura before placing her on it. He pulled out his dick before positioning it in Kagura's other hole "let me fill up your other hole"

Without a moment to lose, Natsu pierced through her asshole instantly causing Kagura to scream out in pain as the man's erected dick was large and caused her hole to enlarge because of it.

A wet slapping sound filled the room as Natsu's hips smacked against Kagura's thighs, the man thrusting his member into her ass's hole, Kagura moaned and gasp as Natsu was marking her ass permanently

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Kagura instantly screamed when another explosion of Natsu's seed came and coated her insides in white. While at her vagina, it squirted out some of their mixed juices from the orgasm

"This can't do~" Natsu said as Kagura looks at him and her eyes widen when he sees the man holding a thick and long carrot from out of nowhere

"w-why do you have t-that?" Kagura muttered out, her body still twitching and weakened for her 2nd orgasm

"just…" Natsu said before he inserts the carrot into her vagina and pushed it fully inside, Kagura's head arched back and she let out a long and loud gasp of a moan "..plugging it up, that's all"

Natsu continued fucking her ass as Kagura could only scream and squeal, her body fucked savagely.

"I'm going to make sure.." Natsu said as he holds Kagura's breasts and started mounding them and massaged them together "that you only belong to me…and only to me"

Kagura couldn't hear him as her mind was in the clouds of pleasure from all the thrusting her core before she let out a scream when Natsu came yet again in her

Natsu chuckled as he takes out the carrot in her wet hole before he exchanges its place with his dick. Now the man fucks her vagina yet again. Going to coat it in his seed even more

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