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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2253653
Episode 2.
Jae In is eagerly waiting to reach home and she is also very nervous.

Jae In: Mom, dad how much time it will take?

Mr. Hae Won: We will be there soon.

Mr. Hae Won and Mrs. Bo-young trying to hide their anxiety from her daughter

They reached

Mr. Hae Won: You go first inside I am going to park the car. (talking to his wife and daughter).

Jae In: please dad comes fast.

Jae In and Mrs. Bo-young sitting on the sofa in tv launch

Jae In: Mom how much time dad will take. (there is some nervousness on her face)

Mrs. Bo-young: Wait, dear he will be here soon.

Mr. Hae Won enters. He sits on the sofa in front of her daughter and keeps an awkward silence

Jae In: Dad please tell me what you and mom were talking about in the afternoon.

Mr.Hae Won Jae In you are going to Canada after your final exam of high school and you will continue your studies there. you will be live there at your uncle's house.

Jae In: Wait... What? (in shock).

Mr. Hae Won: Yes. He is your legal guardian or you can say your father.

Jae In: Wait wait wait. I can't understand what are you say. It is mean that you and mom are not my parents?

Mrs. Bo-young: Jae In we are your parents but. (pull his head down)

Jae In: But what?

Jae In's mom now telling the real reason which was started 18 years before

Mrs. Bo-young: Jae In listens to me carefully. (so much fear and sadness on her face). When I was pregnant with you, your dad's business got hit by a big disaster we almost bankrupt, your dad's business partner cheated on him and left him alone. He did some illegal activities when your dad went on a business trip.

Jae In is still so confused

Jae In: Mom you didn't tell me this before. (with shocked face)

Mrs. Bo-young continue without answering her daughter

Mrs. Bo-young: When the police arrived at our home I was alone, I asked them "what happened officer: but they were only asking for your dad and start searching the house. They took me to the police station so I can not call your dad. When your dad came back they arrested your dad and locked him into jail. I had no choice excepted to call your uncle, Mr. Kim Hae Won.

Jeon: Hae Won! but it is dad's name. (asking the mother with confusion)

Mr, Hae Won: No, your dad's name is Kim Tae Hyun. (and continue further) Jae In, I begged him to come here and help us but first, he denied it, I told him that I am pregnant and we have no money, I could not taking out your dad from jail I could not afford a lawyer. Then he agreed to come. (with tears in her eyes)

Jae In looks at her dad but Mr. Hae Won still silent and does not want to face her daughter he is feeling so guilty. Mrs.Bo-young takes Jae In's hand into her hand and says.

Mrs. Bo-young: We are sorry. I had no choice. Your uncle hates your dad because your dad was the favorite child of your grandfather and grandmother (as he thought) so your uncle left them and went to Canada after his education was completed.

Jae In: I did not even know. I have an uncle. (her eyes are broadly open).

Mrs. Bo-young: When your uncle arrived here, he put some conditions in front of me. He said " I will take care of everything but I want something. I want your child because I can not become a father and there is no heir for my property and business, so if I have no heir, then my whole property will go on the government's hand and the rest of the business will be taken by my partners. I hate your husband and he is a troublemaker. I do not want to give him anything from my property and business. He already destroyed his business, so he will do the same with my business. If you are ready to do what I said, then we will discuss more on it". and he left.

Jae In: How can someone be so rude? He left you and dad. He asked me from you, I will never go with him okay. He is not a human. (with anger)

Mrs. Bo young: It was the toughest decision of my life and I decided. I will never give my child to him. But. (she turns her face and looks at Mr.Hae Won).

Jae In: But?

Mrs. Bo-young: I tried everything but I had no money, our accounts, house, and office were seized by the government. No one was ready to help us because everybody thought that it was your dad's fault.

Jae In: But it is not true.

Mrs. Bo-young: Yes, but no one wanted to listen to me. That night I slept on a bench in the park. The next morning I called your uncle and he said "tomorrow is my flight and I am going back to Canada because I have some important meetings, so please tell me what your decision is?" and I said yes to him without asking your dad.

Jae In: Mom? How? Why? but how could you? (without any clue).

Jae In can not understand the situation. She can not decide how to react after listening to her mother

Jae In: Please stop it. (without any reaction).

Mr. Hae Won: It was all my fault. (with tears in his eyes).

Mr. Hae Won stands up from the sofa and left.

To be continue

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