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A description of the feeling of anger. Rated ASR because children may not like it.
Anger is fire, a blaze,
An ever-burning flame,
Anger is an inferno,
Ending in flushing shame,

Anger sprouts from a dismissed passion,
A spark, a light,
Anger's root can be a dream dissed by others,
Burning through the night,

Or does it come,
From sadness or lost wishes,
From turned up noses,
Or people looking only at the superficies,

Anger is a slow burn,
But an annoyance at the start,
Bottled up and added to,
Until it begins to spark,

But anger can be cold,
A freezing winter chill,
Anger can be a small voice,
Aiming to kill,

Anger can be a scream,
A shout of exasperation,
A war cry against,
An act of aggravation,

Anger can be a desire, a longing,
A hope for vengeance,
A wish for justice,
A dream to instill a long-serving sentence,

But whether it be hot or cold,
A whisper or a shout,
Anger sprouts from fear, sadness or passion,
And fights against those they feel cast doubt,

Anger is a fire, a blaze,
Anger always ends in shame,
Hurting many that are near,
The ever-burning flame.
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